Cryos is a growing business that is often on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team.

Since 1987, Cryos has proudly been a welcoming and open-minded workplace, where we strive to fulfil our customer’s dreams of being parents. It is this ambition that has led to Cryos becoming an international sperm and egg bank with delivery to over 100 countries worldwide. 

As a business, we are still growing. Our ambitions have not faded, but rather they have been strengthened by our accomplishments and the satisfaction of witnessing so many happy customers. What this also means is that we are often searching for motivated, talented and empathetic individuals who can improve the products and services that we deliver, whilst living up to the unique Cryos spirit. 

We are a tight-knit group, where an informal tone sets the standard and where there is a short line of communication between co-workers and top-management.

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Available positions

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