Newsletter Privacy Policy

Your personal information: 

The Cryos companies are collectively data controllers of your personal information, that is being collected and processed with the purpose of contacting you for marketing purposes. 

The information can be used to send you marketing material such as newsletters, information about competitions, personal birthday wishes, etc. 

We process the information you give us in connection to your consent for receiving marketing material from us, such as your name, e-mail address, postal code, country, information about your preferences regarding products and content on our website, as well as your date of birth. 

In addition, we process information regarding purchases and your activity on our website, including which pages or products you have shown interest in. Moreover, we collect information about your activity when you receive newsletters from us. 

The processing of your information for the above-named purpose is based on your consent cf. the Data Protection Regulation, art. 6, point 1 a). You can at any time withdraw your consent or object towards the processing of your data. 

If you withdraw your consent for receiving marketing material from us, you will no longer receive the requested communication. Your personal information will be deleted 2 years after the recall date, unless it is necessary for us to keep it in order to, for example, fulfil a customer agreement with you, answer your inquiries by email, or similar. 

How long we keep your personal information:  

We delete your personal information when we no longer need it, and when we are no longer obligated by the law to keep it.  

Our use of data processors: Google, Facebook, Loyaltii, Microsoft, SleeknoteiPaper & Survey Monkey.   
The following data processor(s) can process and/or keep your personal information in countries outside EU/EEA: 

  • Facebook, Inc., USA (The data transfer is secured by certification under the EU-US Privacy Shield) 
  • Google, Inc., USA (The data transfer is secured by certification under the EU-US Privacy Shield) 

Your rights and complaint options: 

You have a number of rights and possibilities for complaining in connection to how we process your personal information, just as you have the right to have insight into what information we hold about you. You can read more about your rights and complaint options in Cryos’ general privacy policy.