ProfessionalHow to order eggs for your clinic

    How to order donor eggs from Cryos

    Ordering donor eggs for treatment of your patients is an important task. But it should also be easy and hassle-free, so you can focus your time and energy on your patients. Here you can learn how to order donor eggs online and have them delivered directly to your clinic.

      Ordering frozen eggs from Cryos to your clinic is easy and intuitive. Here we guide you on how to order donor eggs for your patient’s fertility treatment and introduce you to the options of placing stock orders or storing eggs at Cryos for later use.


      How to order donor eggs

      Easy online ordering process

      In five easy steps, you can learn how to order donor eggs and have them delivered to your clinic.

      • Step 1: Create an online account as a Professional.
        Once the account is set up, you can quickly log in to place new orders, report a pregnancy or request deliveries of donor egg reservations.

      • Step 2: Visit our online Donor Search.
        Use different filters to narrow down your search results and find donor(s) that match your requirements. With a Cryos account, you get free access to see all donor profiles, including screening results, prices, stock info, etc. Choose between our different donor types and mark your favourite donors to easily return and continue later.

      • Step 3: Add donor eggs to your basket.
        Once you have decided on one or more donors, it is time to place an order or make a reservation of frozen donor eggs for your patients’ treatments.

        On each donor profile, you will see a chart with information about the available egg straws (eggs pr. straw, stock availability and price). Use the +/- to specify the number of straws you want to buy and/or reserve for later use. When you are ready to purchase the straws that you have added to your basket, click “Proceed to basket”. 

      • Step 4: Finalise your order.
        In your basket, you will now find the donor eggs you have added. Fill out your details and enter a preferred shipping date from Cryos. If the order summary looks correct, confirm your order.

        We will send you a confirmation email including your order number.

      • Step 5: Get ready to receive your order.
        If this is your first order from Cryos, we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a training in the Cryos protocol for thawing frozen donor eggs. The purpose is to ensure the proper handling of the donor eggs upon arrival. This is one of the factors ensuring our high success rates. If you are already a Cryos reference clinic, you can continue your important work making dreams come true while waiting for your order to be safely delivered from Cryos to your clinic. Learn more about shipping and estimated delivery times here.

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      Stock orders of donor eggs

      When doing fertility treatment, timing is everything. That is why we recommend that you order donor eggs for stock, if you have the possibility of storing them at your clinic. Stock orders have several advantages, including:

      • You will have donor eggs in stock for last-minute appointments.
      • Joint shipping and reduced shipping costs.
      • Attractive prices and flexible payment schedule based on your needs.
      • No risk of delayed orders.

      Contact our Clinic Account Team to learn more about your options.

      Storing donor eggs at Cryos for later use

      If you would like to ensure more donor egg straws than you currently need, and you do not have the facilities to store donor eggs at your fertility clinic, we can help you out.

      Instead of making an order, you can choose to make a reservation which means the purchased eggs are stored at Cryos’ facilities for you until you need them. In that way you can make sure that you have enough straws e.g., if several tries are necessary or if your patient would like genetic siblings. If it turns out you do not need the reserved donor eggs after all, we offer to refund 75% of the original price.

      Personal assistance on orders from Cryos

      We want to make it easy for you to order donor eggs for clinical treatment. Do it online as described above or contact us if you prefer to talk to one of our experienced employees in our Clinic Account Team, who can guide you, step by step.

      If your patients place the orders themselves, you can them along by referring them to this guide for patients on how to order donor eggs.