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Make a difference as an egg donor

Make a difference as an egg donor

Many people are struggling with fertility problems 

Women are born with approximately 1 million eggs. Every month one egg is ovulated while up to 1,000 others go to waste due to natural cell reabsorption. Why not use some of them to help others? As an egg donor at Cryos in Nicosia, Cyprus, you can help people have their dream of a child come true. You will receive a financial compensation for your time and effort.

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“I actually knew one person struggling to have a child, and I could see the pain in her eyes. The benefit of being an egg donor is knowing that in some part of this world, I may have helped a family hold their own bundle of joy in their arms.”

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How to become an egg donor 

As an egg donor, you will be in contact with our Donor Coordinator who will guide and help you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have. Read more about the process of becoming an egg donor at Cryos in Nicosia, in our step by step guide

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“My motivation has always been helping families who have trouble having children, and knowing that I could play such an important role in their stories. Helping someone is always a very rewarding act, and doing something of this magnitude is immensely rewarding.”

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