Become an egg or sperm donor - and give life to the dream of a child 

As an egg or sperm donor at Cryos in Nicosia, you can help others have their dream of a baby come true. You will receive financial compensation for your time and effort.

I became a sperm donor because by the time my wife and I wanted to have children of our own we needed to use a surrogate and an egg donor. There is a huge need for donors and that made me decide to make a difference in the world to help others.

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Cryos donors
Cryos donors
Cryos donors

How to become a donor

Whether you apply as an egg or sperm donor at Cryos in Nicosia, our Donor Coordinator will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Read more about the process of becoming an egg donor or a sperm donor in our step by step guide.

My motivation has always been helping families who have trouble having children, and knowing that I could play such an important role in their stories. Helping someone is always a very rewarding act, and doing something of this magnitude is immensely rewarding.

Cryos egg donor

Become a sperm donor or egg donor at Cryos in Cyprus 

Many people struggle with infertility. You can become a sperm donor or an egg donor at Cryos in Cyprus and help childless people having their dream of a family come true.  

Will I be compensated for my sperm donation or egg donation? 

Yes. All donors are compensated for their time and energy. The money you receive is not a payment but a compensation for expenses such as transport. 

Can my identification as a donor stay private?  

Yes! As a donor you have the choice to make your identification private. We understand that different individuals have different needs and will not disclose your information to recipients of your donations if you choose to be a Non-ID Release Donor (anonymous donor).  

Do sperm donors and egg donors have paternity rights? 

No. As a donor you do not need to worry about paternal rights. By becoming a donor with Cryos, you sign away any paternity rights and have no legal obligation to parent any child created by your donation. The child will be a part of the family they are born in. You are just giving them a helping hand on their journey towards creating their family. 

Apply to become a sperm donor 

If you would like to become a sperm donor at Cryos in Cyprus, you can send your application today. If you have any questions, you are also welcome to contact us here. To become a donor is a big decision, and our competent staff is ready with help and guidance when making your choice to become a sperm donor at Cryos.  

Apply to become an egg donor 

If you would like to become an egg donor at Cryos in Cyprus, you can send your application here. You are also very welcome to contact us here if you have questions. To become a donor is a big decision, and our competent staff is ready with help and guidance when making your choice to become an egg donor at Cryos.