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    Do you want to give life to the dream of a child? To become an egg donor, you must meet certain requirements such as being under 32 years, as well as being physically and emotionally healthy. You will be compensated for your time and efforts.


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      Making a family does not come easy for everybody. Studies show that around 1 out of 6 couples are experiencing fertility problems at some point. In approximately one-third of the cases, the problem is found in the reproductive system of the female. In these cases, donor eggs can be the solution.

      As an egg donor, you can help families struggling with fertility problems make their dream of a child come true.

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      The joy you will feel once the coordinator comes to you at the end of the procedure and tells you how many eggs they managed to subtract and how many families you will be able to help because of your decision, is priceless.

      Who can become a donor?
      Often, people looking for an egg donor prefer to choose a donor who looks like themselves. This makes it important for us to have diversity among our donors, and we encourage women of all ethnicities and nationalities to apply as an egg donor. It is important that our egg donors are in good health, dependable, mature, and able to keep appointments, as timing is important during the donation process. Please also note, that as an egg donor you should be able to visit our department in Nicosia, Cyprus for a number of appointments.

      Egg donor requirements

      Women that want to donate their eggs must fulfil certain requirements to become egg donors at Cryos. We want to make sure that all our egg donors are healthy young women, that understand what it means to donate eggs. Therefore, the potential donors must fulfil the requirements below to become egg donors at Cryos:
      • Be between 18 and 32 years old
      • Have a BMI (Body Mass Index) between 19-30 (WHO’s definition of BMI)
      • Have regular, monthly menstrual periods
      • Be physically and emotionally healthy
      • Have both ovaries
      • Be willing to take daily injections for a duration of approximately 10-14 days
      • Be willing to take oral birth control pills
      If you want to read more about the egg donor requirements at Cryos, then follow the link.


      • You help others achieve their biggest dream: to become parents
      • You get a free and comprehensive health evaluation, including genetic screening and tests of infectious diseases
      • You will be compensated for your time, inconvenience and physical commitment in accordance with the EU guidelines.

      How to become an egg donor

      If you would like to be an egg donor at Cryos, the first step is to fill out the online Donor Application form. From then, you will be in contact with our Donor Coordinator who will guide and help you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have. The donation will take place in our new and state of the art clinic in Nicosia. You can learn more about the process of becoming an egg donor at Cryos here) or watch the video below, where you can meet some of our skilled staff members, hear them explain the process of egg donation and get a view of our facilities.


      What to consider before applying

      As an egg donor, you can change the lives of others and help them make their dream come true. However, there are some things to consider before applying. During the egg donation process, you will need to have multiple doctor's appointments and take medication over the course of several weeks. You must also decide which donor type and profile you prefer; do you want to be an anonymous (Non-ID Release) or a non-anonymous (ID Release) donor? And would you like a Basic or Extended profile? The decision is up to you, but we are of course here to help and guide you through the process.


      My personal experience with Cryos has been emotionally rewarding. The people are very loving and caring and so kind. They always made sure I was okay during everything. I felt well cared for!


      Why donate eggs at Cryos?

      Our department in Nicosia is part of Cryos – an International Sperm & Egg Bank looking for donors of all ethnicities, races and nationalities. With more than 30 years of experience, and deliveries to more than 100 countries worldwide, we are highly experts in the field of sperm and egg donation. We have no waiting lists, and our donor coordinators are always ready to help you or answer any questions you might have. We focus on safety and transparency, and we make sure that, as a donor, you feel secure throughout the process. If you want to know more about Cryos, you can see our vision and history here.

      Would you like to be a donor at Cryos?

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