Becoming an egg donor

    As an egg donor, you can help families struggling with fertility problems make their dream of a child come true.

    Making a family does not come easy for everybody. Studies show that around 1 out of 6 couples are experiencing fertility problems at some point. In approximately one third of the cases the problem is found in the reproductive system of the female. In these cases, donor eggs can be the solution.

    It is a great feeling to help others and some describe egg donation as the most powerful and rewarding decision a woman can make. However, the decision to become an egg donor should be made with a great deal of information and consideration.


    During the egg donation process, you will need to have multiple doctor's appointments and take medication over the course of several weeks. To thank you for your time and physical commitment, you will receive a compensation according to the EU guidelines. You receive up to €1,000. 

    Good reasons to become an egg donor 

    People are different and have different reasons for donating their eggs. Maybe you:

    • are empathic towards and wish to help people struggling with fertility issues. As an egg donor you have the possibility to change the lives of others and help them make their dream of a child come true
    • have children of your own and want to help other people experience the joy of parenthood
    • have someone in your life who is experiencing fertility problems and you have seen first-hand what a difference egg donation can make. 

    Furthermore, you will, for your kind contribution, receive compensation for your time and dedication to the process and get a free and comprehensive health evaluation including genetic screening and infectious disease testing.  

    Egg donor requirements

    Often, people looking for an egg donor prefer to choose a donor who looks similar to themselves. This makes it important to us to have diversity among our donors, and we encourage women of all ethnicities and nationalities to apply as an egg donor. Basic requirements for an egg donor:

    • Between 18 and 32 years old
    • Have a BMI (Body Mass Index) between 19-27 (WHO’s definition of BMI)
    • Have regular, monthly menstrual periods
    • Not using injected or implanted birth control
    • Physically and emotionally healthy
    • Have both ovaries
    • Be willing to take daily injections for a duration of approximately 7-14 days
    • Be willing to take oral birth control pills
    • Be able to make a few visits to the clinic in Nicosia during the donation process.

    Besides the basic requirements, it is important that our egg donors are dependable, mature and able to keep appointments as timing is important during the donation process.

    Who are you helping as an egg donor? 

    The couples who choose to use an egg donor have often tried every other type of fertility treatment and are exhausted after years of conception attempts. Without the kind donation from egg donors, some families would have little hope of becoming parents.


    There can be many different reasons for using donor eggs, for example:

    • premature ovarian failure, a condition in which menopause has started much earlier than usual
    • diminished ovarian reserve, meaning that the woman’s eggs are of low quality. This is often caused by age
    • genetically transmitted diseases that could be passed on to the child if the woman’s own eggs are used
    • a previous history of failure with IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment, especially if the quality of the woman’s eggs is suspected to be the cause of infertility
    • cancer treatments, those women who have gone through cancer treatments may no longer be able to produce their own eggs. 

    Egg donation is an act of solidarity between women.

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