Egg donor compensation

    Much of the reward of being an egg donor lies in the joy of helping others make their dream of a child come true. Furthermore, we will compensate you for your time, effort and expenses such as travel in accordance with the EU guidelines. You receive up to about €1,000.

      Being an egg donor is rewarding in more than one way. Besides the great feeling of helping families who dream of a child, you also get compensated and receive a free and comprehensive health evaluation including genetic screening and infectious disease testing.


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      The compensation and payment schedule

      As an egg donor at Cryos, your donation should be given for altruistic reasons, though you will receive compensation for your time, inconvenience and physical commitment during the process.

      How much do you make as an egg donor?

      As an egg donor at Cryos, you receive up to about €1,000 for each egg donation. The compensation is in accordance with EU guidelines and covers expenses such as travel. It is as such not a payment for the use of your donated eggs.

      The donation compensation is paid in two instalments. The first instalment is paid once the stimulation medications are started, while the second instalment is paid on the day of the actual retrieval of the eggs.

      The compensation is paid anonymously. 

      You are free to contact us about any specific questions regarding the compensation.

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