Basic or extended egg donor profile

    After being accepted as a Cryos egg donor, you must choose if you would like to have a Basic Donor Profile or an Extended Donor Profile.

    Egg donors at Cryos can choose to have a Basic Profile where only basic information about the donor is registered, or an Extended Profile where additional information about for example hobbies and interests are registered.  

    Basic Egg Donor Profile  

    Egg donors with a Basic Profile are registered including only the following characteristics: race, ethnicity, eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, blood type and profession/education. If you choose to register with a Basic Profile, no further action or additional information is required. We will then register your characteristics at your first medical examination. 

    Extended Egg Donor Profile 

    Egg donors with an Extended Profile are registered with additional details including background, physical characteristics, education, profession, personality, health and family history, childhood photos (and adult photos if you choose), handwritten greeting, voice sample, an emotional intelligence tests, and a brief subjective description of you written by a Cryos staff member.  


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    If you choose to have an Extended Profile, you will complete a form after you have been approved as an egg donor. You should include photos and a handwritten greeting with your form. The photos will preferably be from when you were between nine and twelve months.  

    The final Extended Profile will not contain any identifying information. 

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss your choice, you are welcome to contact us.  

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