Egg donor requirements

    To become an egg donor at Cryos, you must be in good health and meet our general criteria.

      As an egg donor, you have the possibility to change the lives of others and help them make their dream of a child come true. Maybe this is what motivates you – empathy and a wish to help people struggling with fertility issues. Maybe you have children of your own and want others to experience the joy of parenthood, or maybe you have someone in your life who is experiencing fertility problems and you have seen first-hand what a difference egg donation can make.

      Grateful woman hugging Cryos egg donor

      Requirements to become an egg donor

      No matter the reason, your help is much appreciated, and we want you to feel safe and comfortable all the way through the process of being an egg donor.

      Before applying, please take a moment to read the following requirements and make sure, that you comply with these. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.


      • Be between 18 and 32 years old
      • Have a BMI (Body Mass Index) between 19-30 (WHO’s definition of BMI)
      • Have regular, monthly menstrual periods
      • Be physically and emotionally healthy
      • Have both ovaries
      • Be willing to take daily injections for a duration of approximately 10-14 days
      • Be willing to take oral birth control pills
      • Be able to make a few visits to the clinic in Nicosia during the donation process.

      Safe and cost-free process

      The process of egg donation is generally safe and has no impact on future potential fertility of the egg donor. There are also no costs associated with the process. However, please be aware that during the egg donation process, you will need to have a few doctor's appointments and take medication over the course of a couple of weeks. For your kind contribution, you will receive compensation for your time and dedication to the process and get a free and comprehensive health evaluation.

      Legal requirements in Cyprus

      Egg donation is legal in Cyprus and has been practised in the country for more than two decades. An egg donor in Cyprus can only donate eggs to one family in Cyprus, which means that the rest of the eggs from the donor must be used for families in other countries in the world.
      As per law in Cyprus, egg donors have no responsibility or legal rights to children born as a result of their donation.

      Apply as an egg donor

      If you have any questions, or if you are unsure about the egg donor requirements, please contact our department in Nicosia, who can answer all of your questions.

      If you can say yes to all the above-mentioned criteria, and you are ready to start the process of becoming an egg donor at Cryos, please go ahead and send us your application.

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