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    Benefits and compensation

    As a sperm donor, you receive compensation for your help and the inconvenience. For a lot of men, the greatest reward of being a sperm donor is being able to help others.

      The amount that you receive is in principle considered as a compensation for your inconvenience and transport. In other words, you are not being paid for your sperm. 


      A Cryos sperm donor receives compensation for his sperm donations

      Compensation amount 

      As a sperm donor, you will receive compensation for your time. There is a standard compensation amount for every approved donation you provide  – independently of which type of donor you are.

      You will receive the financial compensation when you have made 10 approved donations (also called a batch), and your blood and urine tests have been approved. Once a batch is completed, you simply start a new one. 

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      If you have any questions, please contact Cryos 

      If you have any questions, please contact us, by e-mail or phone.

      Any questions about the process? 

      If you have any questions regarding the process to become a sperm donor at Cryos, you are welcome to contact our department in Nicosia