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    Testimonials from Cryos egg donors in Cyprus

    Here you can read some of the feedback we have received from our donors in Cyprus who have made the decision to help others by donating their eggs.


      My experience with Cryos as an egg donor was truly remarkable. I felt at ease and safe. They truly are amazing at making sure you are well taken care of. To the other women who are considering to be egg donors, I believe that it’s possible and necessary to become an egg donor and at Cryos, you are treated with love and respect. They are the best at making sure you feel content. The greatest Good is what we do for one another!


      I am very happy to have been an egg donor and, thanks to Cryos, I was able to help families who have difficulties having children. I have much to thank the team of professionals involved for all the support and care I was given.


      I felt very confident with the choice of becoming an egg donor at Cryos. I trusted them and they treated me with absolute respect. Many months since the donation took place, I am very happy for my choice to donate, to eliminate the stigma surrounding egg donation and the women who choose to be part of it but mostly, because somewhere there are people who grow into a loving and happy family. That wouldn’t be possible without the help of egg donors. It all comes down to thinking for others, love and kindness.


      If you would like to help other people having their dream of a family come true, you can apply to become an egg donor at Cryos in Cyprus. Donating eggs is an altruistic act however, you will be compensated for your time and effort

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