Why I became an egg donor – Christina

    Christina made the decision to become an egg donor at Cryos in Cyprus after having considered the pros and cons. To Christina, it means a lot knowing that with her contribution, she has helped childless families around the world.


      Where did you first learn about egg donation?

      “My first contact with Cryos was through an online ad that popped up on my social media. I was not surprised since I had been looking up details regarding the decision to donate eggs – the pros and cons and the entire procedure that follows after you decide to donate eggs.”

      What was your motivation to become an egg donor?

      “My motivation was extremely simple. If men can do it so easily, provide genetic material and help dozens of families just in a few seconds, why wouldn't I contribute as well? Now, I know what you are thinking. There is a very big difference between men depositing specimen into a cup within minutes and having hormone therapy and afterwards undergo a clinical procedure for the removal of your eggs. Nonetheless, I did so, and I mean with the purest and most honest of my intentions and thoughts, thoroughly informed and prepared for every step that was coming along, that there was nothing there to make me feel uncomfortable. Should I have any questions, insecurities, fears and what not, the expert team and the amazing donor coordinator at Cryos was there 24/7 to answer my questions and help me out. If anything, I was becoming more and more excited as the donation day was approaching!”

      Did you know people who had difficulties creating a family?

      “I did know of a couple that had difficulties procreating and who actually used Cryos' help to later on have their precious little baby.”

      Which considerations did you have before applying to become an egg donor?

      “My only hesitations regarding the procedure was a possible influence on my health. However, after having a long discussion with doctors and the coordinators at Cryos, I could rest assured that there were not going to be any complications. I should follow the medication schedule after it was given to me, and there would be nothing to worry about regarding my health in the future, as the hormones you take do not exceed the legitimate amount your body can tolerate at once.”

      What thoughts do you have about potential donor children?

      “Only positive thoughts about them and their family. Their parents, after going through lots of hardships, were given the gift of having a family of their own. I wish them nothing but the best.”

      How was your experience with Cryos?

      “My experience was very positive and convenient. The donor coordinator who was assigned to me was very helpful and she was there any time I needed her (she was literally holding my hand as I was injected with anaesthesia in the doctor's office before the procedure began). I was informed and reminded about my hormone intake schedule daily, and everyone made sure that I was feeling sure about my decision and comfortable enough through every step.

      I was also very pleasantly surprised about the donor selection system; Cryos is extremely careful and wants their donors to fulfil all the health requirements. Therefore, they provide a very long health examination to the candidates for free (these are very important examinations that inform you about your health and genetics which would otherwise cost you hundreds of euros).

      And after that, the joy. My donor coordinator stayed with me at the clinic until she made sure I was ok to leave a couple of hours later.”

      What are your thoughts about having your own children one day?

      “I am currently not interested in having any children, but you never know what the future holds for you.”

      What are the benefits of being an egg donor?

      “Personal growth, happiness and fulfilment. Free health examinations.”

      Do you have any advice for other women who are considering becoming an egg donor?

      “Do it – the joy you will feel once the coordinator comes to you at the end of the procedure and tells you how many eggs they managed to subtract and how many families you will be able to help because of your decision, is priceless.”

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      Please note that the name Christina is fictive and that the picture is a stock photo as the egg donor wishes to stay anonymous.