Why I became an egg donor - Elena

    Elena chose to donate her eggs because she wished to help families who had difficulties getting children. Here you can read Elena’s thoughts about becoming an egg donor at Cryos and how she experienced the process


    Where did you first learn about egg donation?  

    “I was browsing social networks when a Cryos advertisement for becoming an egg donor appeared. I never thought this existed, but I was curious to know more about the process.”  

    What was your motivation to become an egg donor?  

    “My motivation has always been helping families who have trouble having children, and knowing that I could play such an important role in their stories. Helping someone is always a very rewarding act, and doing something of this magnitude is immensely rewarding.”   

    Did you know people who had difficulties creating a family?  

    “My older sister has been trying to have children for some time now, and I hope she will soon be blessed with this gift.”  

    Which considerations did you have before applying to become an egg donor?  

    “I was worried I would not be healthy enough to apply for the donation process and that the exams might reveal something wrong. But everything went well and I was able to complete the process.”   

    What thoughts do you have about potential donor children?  

    “I would like them to feel blessed by the gift of life and that – regardless of whether I am the giver – they will always feel entirely as the children of their parents.”   

    How was your experience with Cryos? 

    “Cryos was very professional, helpful and welcoming, and from the beginning they were very kind. The whole process was thoroughly detailed, so I felt safe and confident. The process itself is not easy, but the Cryos team proved to be exceptional at making the process much more natural. I do not have negative comments, just compliments to the staff.”   

    What are your thoughts about having your own children one day?  

    “One day, when the time comes, I intend to have my own children. The thought of being a mother one day, inspired me to help families who cannot have children. If we can help others, why not?”  

    What are the benefits of being an egg donor?  

    “The benefits of being a donor are many. You have your fertility tested, genetic and blood tests, financial compensation, and the opportunity to make a happy family and generate life.”  

    How have your friends and family reacted to you being an egg donor?  

    “My family and my friends supported me very much and were very happy with my gesture of kindness. Mostly my husband who was my partner from the beginning to the end supported me completely.” 

    Do you have any advice for other women who are considering becoming an egg donor?  

    “My advice is to have no doubts. It is rewarding from the beginning to the end. The process is not easy, it requires determination and dedication, but the happiness of helping a family is what makes it all worth it! Do it!”  

    If you feel inspired by Elena’s story, we encourage you to contact us to know more about becoming an egg donor. You can also send us an online application and we will get back to you. 

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    Please note that the name Elena is fictive and that the picture is a stock photo as the egg donor wishes to stay anonymous.