Why I became an egg donor - Maria

    Maria is one of our egg donors at Cryos in Cyprus. She has her own children and she knows that being a mother is a gift. Read along as Maria explains why she chose to become an egg donor, and get her advice to other women who are considering to donate.


      What was your motivation to become an egg donor?

      “I couldn’t imagine not being able to have children. When I think about how many women who can’t have kids, it makes me really sad. Especially since it’s a natural thing for all women to want to be a mother someday. When I realized I could help, I was motivated to be all-in.”

      Did you know people who had difficulties creating a family?

      “I actually knew one person struggling to have a child, and I could see the pain in her eyes.” 

      Which considerations did you make before applying to become an egg donor?

      “I did my research on egg donation and honestly, all I thought about was helping someone else fulfil their dream. So, I never really had any concerns.” 

      What thoughts do you have about potential donor children?

      “My thought about the donor child/children is just knowing that I helped bring joy to their families. There are no words to explain how wonderful it is knowing that I am a part of that happiness!”

      How was your experience with Cryos?

      “My personal experience with Cryos has been emotionally rewarding. The people are very loving and caring and so kind. They always made sure I was okay during everything. I felt well cared for!”

      What are the benefits of being an egg donor?

      “The benefit of being an egg donor is knowing that in some part of this world, I may have helped a family hold their own bundle of joy in their arms.”

      How have your friends and family reacted?

      “My family and friends are very supportive of me being an egg donor.”

      Do you have any advice for other women who are considering becoming an egg donor?

      “My advice is: If you feel that this is right for you, I say go for it! You are not just giving some random stranger your eggs that are meaningless. You help to give the gift of life. That is in itself one of the most beautiful and selfless gifts, you can give. Don’t be afraid to help others.”

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      Please note that the name Maria is fictive and that the picture is a stock photo as the egg donor wishes to stay anonymous.