Dreams do come true

Mother with her beautiful baby conceived with Cryos donor egg
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"My wife and I tried to have assisted pregnancy for nearly 5 years - all of them in vain. Then we decided to look for a donor. With the donation the treatment was successful and we received a very cute little princess. We are sharing our story to express our warm feelings toward our donor and Cryos and to encourage more people to be open for this kind of help. We can’t express how happy we are. Thank you!"


Cryos can help you find a sperm donor too

Mother with children - visit Cryos Sperm Bank to search for donor sperm
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Parents with donor-conceived child from Cryos egg donor

How to get started with donor eggs?

Where to begin if you are considering using donor eggs in fertility treatment? We are here to help you every step of the way. In this guide on how to get started with donor eggs from Cryos, we take you through the process and guide you on where to go, how to find a clinic and how to order donor eggs.

"I actually knew one person struggling to have a child, and I could see the pain in her eyes. The benefit of being an egg donor is knowing that in some part of this world, I may have helped a family hold their own bundle of joy in their arms."

Cryos egg donor

Who are the egg donors?

Cryos egg donor drinking tea after egg donation in Cyprus
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