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    Why use donor eggs?

    Are you considering the possibility of using donor eggs? Are you unsure if it is the right choice for you? Here we explain the common reasons why people use a donor and who should consider the option. 

      Most of us dream of having a child at some point, and some will need a little help to achieve that dream. Using donor eggs is a good option if you, for some reason, do not have fertile eggs yourself, and more and more people turn to this solution. Over the years, fertility treatment with donated eggs has helped many people become parents, and it is a great option for gay couples or women or couples experiencing infertility.

      Baby boy conceived by couple who has used a donor to conceive

      When to consider donor eggs

      Men or women in same-sex relationships know that third party reproduction, for example the of use donor eggs, is a necessary part of their journey towards parenthood. But to others, this might not be their first choice. Reasons that women consider using an egg donor could be:  

      • Infertility due to medical reasons such as PCOS, endometriosis, early menopause, etc. 
      • Poor egg quality after cancer treatment 
      • Family history of genetic diseases, that you do not want to risk passing on to your child 
      • Unsuccessful attempts with IVF 
      • Women over the age of 40 years experiencing a decline in both quantity and quality of their own eggs 

      If you are a woman experiencing infertility, the use of donor eggs enables you to become pregnant and carry your children yourself.

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      Who uses donor eggs?

      Many people can benefit from the option to use a donor. At Cryos, we can divide these into two main groups, women experiencing infertility and gay couples. 

      Women experiencing infertility 
      Approximately 1 in 4 couples in developing countries who are trying to have a baby seek help due to infertility (WHO). Infertility means that you are unable to conceive naturally, and there can be different reasons for this. If the infertility is caused by a problem in the woman’s reproductive system, the use of donor eggs can be a very good option and perhaps the only way to achieve pregnancy. Learn more about female infertility here.

      If a couple experience infertility, they can use donor eggs to conceive

      Gay couples using donor eggs and surrogacy 
      For gay men or transgender persons, using donated eggs and a surrogate to carry the child is a great opportunity to become parents. In this way, someone close to you can carry your baby without being genetically related to the child. Learn more about gay couples using donor eggs here

      Facts about the use of donor eggs

      • The first child born using donor eggs was reported in Australia in 1984, when the procedure was still considered experimental.
      • Today, use of donor eggs is an increasingly common fertility treatment.
      • At Cryos, the donor eggs are kept frozen through vitrification - ready to use when you need them.

      Learn more about donor eggs for fertility treatment.


      Would you like to know more? 

      We understand that the decision to use a donor requires a lot of consideration. If you are still unsure whether the option is relevant for you, you can learn more about the Cryos egg donors or how to get started with donor eggs

      You are also more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions or would like some assistance to begin your journey toward parenthood. Book a free call with our Customer Care Team who can explain the process and help you along.

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