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Can my child get in contact with the egg donor in the future?

If you choose an ID Release Egg Donor at Cryos, your child has the possibility to contact Cryos after turning 18 and ask for identifying information about the donor. To receive the information, your child must present a Donor Child Certificate from Cryos. Please contact our Customer Care to receive a Donor Child Certificate for your child. If you want inspiration on how to find the right egg donor, then follow the link.

The identifying information includes the donor's full name, address and date of birth, and it can be used by your child to try and contact the egg donor. Be aware, that although the donor has agreed to be contacted, Cryos cannot guarantee or check whether the donor has changed her mind or whether she is contactable when the child reaches the age of 18.

If you, on the other hand, have chosen a Non-ID Release Egg Donor, you or your child will not get any more information about the donor from Cryos other than what has already been disclosed in the donor profile.

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