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When to order your donor eggs

When should I place my order?

We recommend that you place your order with Cryos as soon as you have found your preferred egg donor. In that way, we can make sure that the donor eggs are still in stock when you need them, and we have time to make sure that the transfer of donor eggs from Cryos to your clinic runs smoothly.

If you need the donor eggs for a treatment scheduled within the next four weeks, we recommend that you make an order immediately. Please note that we cannot ship the donor eggs before your fertility clinic and Cryos have been in contact and set a suitable delivery date – this may take a few weeks, depending on your treatment country and fertility clinic. If the fertility clinic is already a reference clinic collaborating with Cryos, this process can be much faster.

If you request a delivery more than four weeks in advance, we will make a reservation of your donor eggs and charge a small reservation fee for storing your eggs until the time that you need them.