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    Prices for freezing and storing eggs at Cryos

    When doing egg freezing in Cyprus, a reimbursement from the Cyprus Ministry of Health can help reduce your costs. Here you can learn more about the subsidy and the prices of egg freezing at Cryos. 

      By freezing your eggs for later use, you get to plan your path to parenthood at a time that is convenient to you. In other words, egg freezing is an investment in your future. However, we understand that the price of egg freezing can be an important factor when deciding if and where to have your eggs frozen.  

      In the following you can see the price for freezing eggs at Cryos. The fees can be covered either by yourself or by a subsidy, that is provided by the Cyprus Ministry of Health.  

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      The price of egg freezing

      The costs of egg freezing include consultations with our experienced gynaecologists, testing and the actual egg retrieval and freezing. Also, your first year of storage which normally costs 300 EUR is already included in the price package below.  

      If you are a resident in Cyprus, you might be eligible for a subsidy that will reduce your costs with EUR 2.000. With this subsidy, the actual costs for the initial consultation and an egg freezing cycle will be EUR 1.000 excluding screening and medication expenses. The prices and the subsidy are specified below. 

      Would you like to book an initial consultation?

      If you are ready to start planning your egg freezing, you can contact Cryos. Our coordinators will answer any questions you might have and help you get started in the process. 

      If you are unsure if Egg Freezing is for you, you can learn more about who egg freezing is relevant for here