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    Who are the egg donors?

    Behind every egg donation, there is a woman who has chosen to help others achieve the dream of a child. Here you can learn more about these women and their motivation.

    At Cryos you will find egg donors who are very different from each other when it comes to ethnicity, appearance, and interests. We aim to provide you with a wide selection of donors. At the same time, we put a lot of effort and resources in the screening and selection process so that you can rest assured that the donors at Cryos are healthy, motivated, and well-informed when it comes to the act of donation.

    The women who donate their eggs at Cryos are motivated by the joy of helping others.

    Who are the women that donate their eggs?

    All Cryos’ egg donors are unique individuals. Some of them are university students, some are still figuring out what they want to do with their life, and others are hardworking career women. Among our donors, you will find women who play one or more musical instruments, and others who read a lot of books or live an active life with different kinds of sports. Some are mothers and therefore wish to give the opportunity to other women to feel the joys of motherhood. Despite their diversity, they all share an important personality trait: they are altruistic individuals, have a great sense of solidarity with other women and wish to help others achieve their dream of a child.


    3 facts about Cryos egg donors

    • 18 to 32 years old
    • Physically and emotionally healthy
    • Approved by Cryos’ donor coordinators after an extensive selection process (only about 4% of all applicants are approved as egg donors)


    I’m a donor because I’ve seen so many different perspectives of the egg donation process. I worked with an individual who struggled to create a family. Later in life, I met someone who was the product of an egg donation. I thought it was a wonderful, beautiful thing that I wanted to be a part of.

    Anna, egg donor at Cryos

    Where do the egg donors come from?

    Egg donation for Cryos Cyprus Sperm & Egg Bank takes place at our facility in Cyprus or in one of our partnering clinics. This means that the egg donors not only represent the population of Cyprus but various ethnicities and phenotypes, which you can see in our online Donor Search. The donors have different looks and personalities, and in the Extended Profiles you can learn more about their hobbies and interests as well as see a photo of the donor as a child. If you are curious to know how the donors look like as adults, some of our ID Release Donors with Extended Profiles have pictures of themselves as adults, which you can gain access to.

    Why do some women donate their eggs?

    There can be different reasons for donating eggs. Some of our donors have close family or friends who have had help to conceive, and some have children themselves and want to assist others to achieve the same joy. Their primary motivation is the joy of helping others, and the women who are approved as egg donors receive a small compensation in line with EU regulations for their time and effort.

    In this video, you can hear Anna, a Cryos egg donor, explain why she chose to donate her eggs. You can also take a look at our Extended Egg Donor Profiles, where donors have made handwritten and voice messages where they explain their motivations and thoughts about being donors.

    How do Cryos select the egg donors?

    Not all women can become an egg donor. In fact, only about 4% of the applicants are accepted as donors at Cryos. Below we have illustrated a simplified version of the process from the initial application to being accepted as an egg donor:

    • Step 1: The donor candidate fills out an online application form and sends it to Cryos.

    • Step 2: If the application is accepted, the candidate completes a detailed medical and family history questionnaire.

    • Step 3: Healthcare professionals review the questionnaire, and if the candidate is eligible, she is invited to a meeting, where we will tell her more about the process of becoming an egg donor. We will also run blood and urine tests to check for infectious or hereditary diseases.

    • Step 4: The donor candidate then undergoes a psychological assessment with a mental health professional, at a private practice counselling office.

    • Step 5: An appointment will be scheduled with our physician for an examination including a physical exam, pelvic ultrasound, and blood draw.

    • Step 6: Finally, about 4% of the donor candidates are accepted as donors.

    Learn more about our egg donor screening here.

    Would you like to know more about the women who donate their eggs?

    In our free Donor Search you can see all donors available to you. If you are curious to know more about the donors, you can have a look at our Extended Profiles which include detailed information about the donors’ hobbies and life experiences provided by the donors themselves.

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