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    How to choose an egg donor

    At Cryos you can see all available donors in our free Donor Search and choose the right donor for you. To help you get started, we here guide you through the most important things to consider when choosing an egg donor.

    There are many aspects to consider when you are looking for an egg donor. Using frozen donor gametes may not have been your first choice, and we understand that the search for an egg donor can be both exciting, emotional, and associated with great consideration. To help you along, we have gathered some questions that you can ask yourself to make the process of choosing an egg donor easier.

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    Would you like your child to be able to contact the egg donor?

    One of the first things to consider is whether you want to give your child the opportunity to find out more about his or her genetic origin in the future. 

    If you choose a Non-ID Release (anonymous) Egg Donor, you and your child will never receive any more information about the donor than what is already available in the donor profile, and Cryos will not reveal the identity of the donor. If you choose an ID Release (non-anonymous) Egg Donor, your child will have the opportunity to contact Cryos at the age of 18 to get identifying information about the donor. Your child can then decide for themselves if they want to try to contact the donor. 

    The choice between a Non-ID Release and an ID Release Donor is highly individual and complex. There can be different reasons for choosing one or the other, and some countries only allow one or the other. Before you decide which donor type you prefer, we, therefore, recommend that you read more about the difference between Non-ID Release and ID Release Donors here.

    Learn more about Non-ID Release and ID Release egg donors

    How much do you want to know about the donor?

    Would you like to know as much as possible about the egg donor, or do you prefer to only know the basic information? This question will help you choose between a Basic or Extended Profile.  

    Basic Profiles provide you with essential information such as ethnicity, a few physical characteristics, medical information, and education/job. 

    Extended Profiles contain the same information as the Basic Profiles, but they also contain a lot of personal information to give you a good idea of the donor’s preferences, experiences, and physical characteristics. The Extended Profiles include a question and answer-section with the donor, a handwritten message, a voice recording, baby photos and possibly pictures of the egg donors as adults.

    Remember that the decision between a Basic or Extended Profile is not just a question of how much information you need to make the right choice of donor. It is also a matter of what information you get to share with your child.

    Learn more about Basic and Extended Donor Profiles

    Extra tips for how to choose an egg donor

    • Narrow down your search to 3-5 egg donors and mark them as ‘Favourites’ in the Donor Search. You do this by clicking on the small heart-icon in the Donor Search. In the end, you only need one donor, but if your favourite donor is sold out or has reached the Pregnancy Quota in your country of residence, it can be helpful to have a few more donors on your list.
    • Once you are ready to place your order online, we recommend that you consider making a reservation for extra donor eggs. This is to ensure that you have enough eggs for your entire fertility treatment – and for possible future siblings. Reservations are held at Cryos and can always be sold back to us. Read more about reservations here.
    • Before you start your donor search, we recommend that you check the legislation in your treatment country, since some countries only permit treatment with certain types of donors (Non-ID Release or ID Release). Your clinic or healthcare professional will be able to advise you on this. You can also contact Cryos Customer Care who will be happy to assist you.


    Start your search for an egg donor today 

    We hope the above information will help you reach your final decision on which donor is right for your future family. If you are ready to start your search, you can create a free online account and access all our donor profiles in our Donor Search. 

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