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    Egg donors with Adult Photos

    Is the physical appearance of the donor of great importance to you? Then the option of getting access to pictures of your egg donor as an adult might be just right for you.

      If you would like to find an egg donor who looks like you or your partner, you are far from alone. Besides a family history without illnesses, the donor’s physical appearance is the most important factor when choosing a donor, according to our clients.

      In our Extended Egg Donor Profiles you get free access to child photos of our egg donors. If you are curious to know how your donor looks like as an adult, you can furthermore buy access to see Adult Photos of selected egg donors at Cryos.

      Photographer taking pictures for donor profile – see Adult Photos of egg donors in Cryos’ donor database

      Egg donor profiles with Adult Photos

      A limited selection of our donors has Adult Photos available in their profiles. This means that you can purchase access to see one or more pictures of these donors as adults. The donors have provided the photos to help you find the right egg donor.

      See pictures of donors as adults in our Egg Donor database

      If you are interested in knowing which donors are currently available with Adult Photos, visit our Egg Donor Search and look for the ‘Adult Photos’-tag or filter the results by ticking ‘Yes’ in the drop-down menu ‘Adult Photos’.

      Before you purchase access to see Adult Photos in our donor database, please note that all Cryos donors with Adult Photos have an Extended Profile including a questionnaire, child photo, handwritten message, voice recording and an emotional intelligence profile. Furthermore, they are all ID Release Egg Donors, which means that your child will have the opportunity to access identifying information about the donor at a later stage in life. Some countries do not allow ID Release Donors, and you should make sure that you can use this donor type before purchasing access to the egg donor pictures.



      Why choose an egg donor profile with pictures?

      Seeing pictures of your egg donor can be of great help and comfort when choosing a donor. The child photos in our Extended Profile provide you with an idea of the donor’s physical traits and with Adult Photos you get to see the donor as a grown-up and examine the donor’s physical traits more closely.

      There can be different reasons for choosing a donor with Adult Photos, including:

      • You want your child to resemble yourself or your partner. In that case, photos of the donor as an adult give you a better opportunity to choose an egg donor with similar physical traits.
      • You prefer to know what physical traits might be passed on to your child. Knowing what the donor looks like might remove some of the insecurities when choosing an egg donor and help you feel more secure in your choice.
      • You want to be able to provide your child with as much information as possible about the donor, including pictures of the donor.


      The photos of the donors as children are a plus, but the photos of the donors as adults give you a more concrete and real impression. It brought me a personal feeling, which I think is also important in this particular choice. In addition, I personally want to be able to provide as much information as possible to my future child, if it comes to be important for her later. And then in life, it is normal to choose your partner, so why should it be different for this important choice?


      How do I get access to see egg donor profiles with photos?

      If you would like to see photos of the egg donors as adults, you can purchase access that allows you to see all Adult Photos available at the time and lasts for 3 months. The access is personal and cannot be shared with others. To see current prices of access to Adult Photos go to Prices and payment of donor eggs and services.

      Access to Adult Photos can be purchased in our Egg Donor Search and via all donor profiles with Adult Photos available. Click "Buy access" in the Photos section under each donor. Please make sure that you are allowed to use an ID Release Donor in your treatment country before you buy access to Adult Photos. If you are unsure about the regulations in your country, please ask your fertility clinic or contact our Customer Care Team.

      To see how many donors with photos as adults are currently available in our donor database, please use the Donor Search and narrow your search to Adult Photos. All photos will be available in the donor profile from the moment the donor’s eggs are released for sale. This means that donors who are already shown on our website with an ordinary Extended Profile will not have photos added to their profile later on.

      Frequently asked questions

      How do I find an egg donor that looks like me?

      If you are interested in finding an egg donor with a similar physical appearance to yourself, we can recommend you look for egg donors with pictures of themselves as adults. You can see all the egg donors with Adult Photos available in our Egg Donor database.

      How large is your Egg Donor database?

      At Cryos, we have a lot of different egg donors available. In our database, you can choose between donors with different phenotypes and backgrounds. Visit our Egg Donor database, to see all available donors.

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