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    Genetic Matching services

    Cryos’ Genetic Matching services can help you find donor eggs that are genetically compatible with your sperm – and thereby minimize the risk of having a child with a recessive disease.

    When a child inherits a genetic disease, it is often because both the man and the woman have errors – also called mutations - in the same genes. In fact, all people carry such genetic mutations and thereby the risk of passing on a gene mutation in children, even though we are alive and well. To minimize the risk of you choosing donor eggs from a donor who carry the same genetic mutations as the man delivering the sperm for your fertility treatment, we offer our Genetic Matching services, which you can learn more about below.

    Healthy donor children playing – Genetic Matching at Cryos helps you choose the right donor eggs

    Genetic Matching at Cryos

    At Cryos you can choose between two kinds of Genetic Matching – and both types come with a match guarantee. This means that no matter if you choose Panel Matching or Single Gene Matching, we guarantee to find a genetically compatible match between the sperm and the donor eggs. If a test results in a no-match with the chosen donor, you can choose another egg donor and see if it is a match. We will continue this process, until we find a match.

    Panel matching – broad testing of more than 300 genes

    The Panel Matching solution is for you who would like to get a broad and general matching. With Panel Matching we will match more than 300 genes – the ones with the highest risk of causing a serious disease – and see if your sperm and the chosen donor eggs are a good match with low risk of passing on genetic diseases. In order to do the test, we just need a saliva sample from the man delivering the sperm, which can be made at home with a kit that we will provide you with.

    Single Gene Matching – for people who are known carriers

    If you are a known carrier of a specific genetic mutation with a risk of passing it on to children via your sperm, you can choose the Single Genetic Matching solution to make sure that you choose an egg donor who does not carry the same mutation.


    How to order Genetic Matching of donor eggs

    Would you like to use our Genetic Matching services?

    1. Start by contacting our Customer Care Team who can tell you which donors are ready for Genetic Matching.
    2. When you have chosen one of the donors who are available with Genetic Matching, you can place your order online. We recommend that you purchase a minimum of 6 eggs to make sure that the donor is not sold out while we conduct the Genetic Matching. Follow the steps in our guide on how to order donor eggs but remember to add a comment in the remarks field – write either ‘Genetic Matching Panel Matching’ or ‘Genetic Matching Single Gene Matching’ to let us know which matching service you want to use.
    3. When choosing the shipping date, please choose the latest day possible.
    4. Regarding payment, please choose ‘Payment by bank transfer’. You can see our current prices and payment options here.

    When we receive your order, one of our Customer Care Consultants will send you the payment details for the Genetic Matching service you have chosen and subsequently for the order. You can then proceed with the payment. When making the payment, please remember to indicate the order ID, which you will find in the headline of the confirmation email you receive shortly after submitting the order. Please be aware that a bank transfer might take up to 3 working days before it reaches our account.

    Genetic Matching saliva kit for testing genetic compatibility with Cryos egg donor

    What to expect when ordering Genetic Matching

    Our Genetic Matching Services can help you feel more secure in your choice of donor and require little effort from you. Depending on which solution you choose, the process varies a bit:

    • If you choose the Panel Matching, a saliva test kit will be sent to you by mail as soon as we have received your payment. When you have received the test kit, you or your partner (the one whose sperm will be used in the fertility treatment) must make a saliva sample. The saliva sample must then be sent to our cooperating partners at Igenomix with the accompanying package (shipping label included) or to Cryos who will then send it Igenomix.

    • When ordering Single Gene Matching, you will be contacted by our Customer Care Team who will guide you through the process to make sure we receive the necessary information about the genetic mutation that you are carrying.

    Within approximately 6 weeks, we will contact you with the result, and we will send you the rest result documentation via email. The result will either be a match or a no-match. In case of the latter, you can, free of charge, choose a new donor for Genetic Matching, and we will then initiate a new Genetic Matching test. We will proceed like this until there is a match with a donor that is genetic compatible and suitable for your fertility treatment.


    Despite conducting a matching between a man and an egg donor, we cannot eliminate the risk of the child developing a genetic disease. Not all inheritable diseases can be identified when conducting a matching, nor can new or unknown mutations be identified during the matching process.

    Genetic Matching when doing double donation

    If you are having fertility treatment with donor eggs and donor sperm from Cryos (double donation), please make sure to select an egg and a sperm donor who are both ready for Genetic Matching.

    Contact Cryos to find a genetic match

    Our Genetic Matching services are an optional add-on that can help you minimize the risk of having a child with a severe recessive disease. It is, however, important to mention that all donors at Cryos go through a thorough screening process before even being accepted as donors in order to give you the best chances of a healthy child when using donor eggs from Cryos.

    Contact us to learn which egg donors are ready for Genetic Matching or learn more about how to choose an egg donor.