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    Non-ID Release or ID Release Egg Donors

    The decision between a Non-ID Release (anonymous) and an ID Release (non-anonymous) donor is a question of whether you want to give your child the opportunity to contact the egg donor in the future. Here we help you understand the difference between the two options.

      In Cryos’ free Egg Donor Search, you will find egg donors who are either Non-ID Release (anonymous) or ID Release (non-anonymous) donors. In short, the difference is whether or not the donor has accepted, that children conceived from her donations can receive identifying information about her in the future. Both donor types can have either a Basic or Extended Egg Donor Profile.  

      Your treatment country may have regulatory restrictions on this matter, which means that you can only use either Non-ID Release or ID Release donors. To make sure you stay compliant with the rules, we recommend that you check the regulations in your treatment country before deciding on your donor. Usually, your fertility clinic can inform you about the current regulation. Otherwise, Cryos’ Customer Care Team will be happy to guide you. 

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      What is a Non-ID Release Egg Donor?

      A Non-ID Release Donor is sometimes also referred to as an anonymous or non-contactable donor.  

      If you choose a Non-ID Release Donor, neither you nor your child will ever receive more information about her than what has already been disclosed in her donor profile. This means that Cryos will not reveal the donor’s identity.  The donor has made the choice of being a Non-ID Release Donor herself, and she has agreed not to contact the potential donor-conceived children. Likewise, as a client, you agree through the Terms of Agreement not to attempt to contact the donor in the future.  

      Nevertheless, donor eggs carry DNA and therefore, there is always a risk that donors, clients, and children can trace or be traced via DNA analysis which can compromise privacy. 

      What is an ID Release Egg Donor?

      An ID Release Donor is also referred to as a non-anonymous or contactable donor.  

      If you choose an ID Release Egg Donor, you give your child the choice and opportunity to try to learn more about their genetic origin. Children of ID Release donors can contact Cryos after turning 18 and receive identifying information about the donor. The identifying information can be used by the child to try to contact the donor. The information consists of the donor’s full name, date of birth, and the latest address provided to Cryos by the donor. The donor, on the other hand, will never receive any information about you as a client or your child. Therefore, it is completely up to the child whether he/she would like to seek contact with the donor or not. 

      An ID Release Egg Donor has agreed to be contacted by children conceived with the help of her donor eggs. However, Cryos cannot be held responsible if the donor changes her mind or if she is not accessible in the future.  

      To receive the information about the donor, the child must be able to document that he or she is the result of treatment with donor eggs from a specific Cryos ID Release Donor. Contact Cryos’ Customer Care Team to receive a Donor Child Certificate that can be used for this purpose. 

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      Deciding between a Non-ID Release or ID Release Donor

      There may be different reasons for choosing either a Non-ID Release or an ID Release Donor. As mentioned, your decision may be based on regulatory restrictions in your treatment country, but your choice might also be based on ethical beliefs or personal circumstances. 

      Why choose a Non-ID Release Egg Donor?

      • You do not want the donor to play a role in your child’s life. 
      • You prefer that you and your child know as little as possible about the donor. 
      • Only Non-ID Release Donors are allowed in your treatment country. 

      Why choose an ID Release Egg Donor?

      • You want to give your child the opportunity to decide for him- or herself whether to reach out to the donor in the future. 
      • You are curious to know more about the donor and want to give your child the opportunity to learn more than what has been enclosed in the donor profile.  
      • Only ID Release Donors are allowed in your treatment country. 

      For some donor-conceived children, it becomes important to know as much as possible about their genetic heritage, and in those cases, choosing an ID Release Egg Donor will be a big help for the child. Other donor-conceived children never wish to contact the donor even though they may appreciate having the possibility to do so.    

      The donor’s decision

      When a donor begins to donate eggs at Cryos, she chooses whether she wants to be a Non-ID Release or an ID Release Egg Donor. Once she has made her decision, it cannot be changed.  

      It is very important to us that each donor understands and feels comfortable with her decision – as it will have implications for both herself and the donor-conceived children. Before making her decision, the donor receives thorough information to help her with this decision. She also has the possibility of discussing her choice with our experienced Donor Coordinators, as well as receive counselling with an expert counsellor, who will help her fully understand the implications of the choice she makes.  

      Next step in your search for an egg donor

      We hope the information above has helped you in your choice between a Non-ID Release and an ID Release Donor. If you still have any doubts or concerns, our Customer Care Team is here to guide you. If you are ready to start your search for a donor, you can proceed to our free Donor Search. You can also read more about how to choose an egg donor and the choice between a Basic or Extended Profile.