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    How to get started with donor eggs

    At Cryos we are proud to have assisted in bringing thousands of children into the world with the help of our donors, and we also want to help you to achieve your dreams of parenthood. Here we guide you on where to start if you plan to become a parent with the help of a Cryos egg donor. 

    If you are considering or have just decided or found out that you will need donor eggs to become parents, the first step is to let the news sink in. For most people, getting help from an egg donor is not how they imagined they would become parents. Finding out that this is the best – or perhaps the only - option can be emotional and overwhelming. However, donor eggs are a safe and widely used opportunity to achieve the dream of a child. 

    To help you understand which steps to take and what to expect, we will introduce you to the basic steps on how to get started with donor eggs. If you are still unsure whether using donor eggs for fertility treatment is the right option for you, please refer to our page Why use donor eggs for further information. 

    Read on to learn more about how to get started with donor eggs or start your search for an egg donor here.

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    Step 1: Discover your possibilities

    Once you are ready to investigate your options of using donor eggs, you should start by finding out which regulations apply in your country. Each country has its own laws and regulations concerning egg donation and fertility treatment. This means that factors such as your age, marital status or preferences regarding donor type or treatment may affect your choice of donor.  

    Our Customer Care team has great insights into different country regulations, and if you are unsure which options are available in your treatment country, we will be happy to help you. If regulations in your country of residence mean that you do not have access to fertility treatment with egg donation or do not allow you to choose the type of donor you would like, you could consider looking for alternative donors or getting fertility treatment abroad.  

    With our global network and our local experts, we can help you find alternatives and guide you on where to go to have the children you dream of. Contact us to learn more. 

    Step 2: Find the right fertility clinic

    Many clinics offer fertility treatment with donor eggs, and we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming to find the right one. At Cryos, we will be happy to help you find a clinic, where you (or your surrogate) can have treatment with frozen eggs from one of our donors. With more than 30 years of experience, we collaborate with many fertility clinics internationally and can help you find a clinic that matches your needs.  

    If you are eager to get started, we recommend that you select one of our reference clinics, which has already been trained in using Cryos' donor eggs. Contact Cryos to find a reference clinic for your treatment. 

    If you choose a fertility clinic that has not previously collaborated with Cryos but wishes to become a reference clinic, the process will be a bit longer. In that case, training must be arranged to ensure that the eggs are handled correctly at the clinic before your treatment. Please also be aware that to qualify for our donor egg guarantee, the frozen donor eggs must be delivered to a Cryos reference clinic, which has been trained in Cryos' protocols and procedures. This is to ensure that the egg quality is maintained up until your treatment and thereby give you the best possible chances of success. Read more about success rates with donor eggs here.

    Contact Cryos to get assistance in choosing a clinic. 

    Step 3: Order donor eggs for your treatment

    Once you have found your clinic and planned your fertility treatment, it is time to decide which donor you would like to use. You can browse through our free Egg Donor Search and order donor eggs online from your favourite donor. You can learn more about how to order donor eggs here and find a guide regarding how to choose an egg donor if you are still not sure about the different possibilities.

    We understand that for many people financial aspects can impact their decision when choosing a donor. If you are interested in finding out more about the costs, please have a look at our page Prices and payment of donor eggs and services

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    Step 4: Start fertility treatment with donor eggs

    When you have found a fertility clinic and ordered eggs from your favourite donor, please make sure that your treatment does not begin until the eggs have been delivered to the clinic.  

    If you have selected a reference clinic, you can commence your treatment as soon as the eggs have been safely delivered. If you choose a fertility clinic that has not previously worked with Cryos but wishes to be trained by Cryos experts, you may need to wait a while so that training can be arranged.  

    When you become pregnant with a donor egg from Cryos, it is important that you register your pregnancy to let us know. In that way, you can help us make sure that the pregnancy quota in your treatment country is not exceeded. At this point in time, you might also consider making a reservation for later use, if you would like to use the same egg donor for future siblings for your child. At Cryos, we wish you the best of luck on your path to parenthood. Remember that we are here to help you every step of the way. 

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