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    Reservation of donor eggs

    When you have found the right egg donor, you can make an online reservation on Cryos’ website for future treatments or siblingsHere, you can learn more about why, when and how to make a reservation of donor eggs.

      A reservation of frozen donor eggs allows you to purchase a donor’s eggs now and keep them at Cryos’ facilities until you need them for your fertility treatment. With a reservation you can ensure that you have enough eggs to proceed with your treatment if it takes a few tries or for genetically related siblings in the future. 

      Mother and child looking at picture of future sibling – reserve donor eggs for siblings

      Why reserve donor eggs?

      The main reason for making a reservation is to avoid that your favourite donor is no longer accessible when you are ready to start fertility treatment. Choosing the right egg donor for your future child takes time and energy and requires great consideration. If you have found the right donor, but your treatment is not scheduled or is not in near future, there is a risk that there are no more eggs from your favourite donor, when it is time for you to use the donor eggs.  

      At Cryos we also recommend that you make a reservation of donor eggs for future siblings, if you want more than one child and you prefer that your children are genetically related. We cannot guarantee that there will be more accessible eggs from your chosen donor, when it is time to start treatment for siblings – unless you have made a reservation with enough eggs for the number of children you dream of.   

      When should I reserve donor eggs?

      We recommend that you make a reservation upon placing your first order. This means, that when you purchase donor eggs for a scheduled treatment within the next four weeks, consider also making a reservation to ensure that you have enough eggs for your entire fertility treatment and possible future siblings. For a small reservation fee, we can keep the eggs that you do not need right now on hold for you. These donor eggs will be yours and kept on hold at our facility until you need them. 

      Genetic siblings from same egg donor hugging

      How to make a reservation of donor eggs?

      You can easily make a reservation online here at our website in the same way that you place an order. Log in or create a free account and find the donor whose eggs you want to purchase. If you need the eggs for a treatment scheduled within the next four weeks, we recommend that you make an order immediately. Please note that we cannot ship the donor eggs before your fertility clinic and Cryos have been in contact and set a suitable delivery date – this may take a few weeks, depending on your treatment country and fertility clinic. If the fertility clinic is already a reference clinic collaborating with Cryos, this process can be much faster.   

      If you do not expect to have treatment within the next four weeks, choose the number of eggs that you want and select “Reserve for later use”. We will then ask you for how long you want us to keep the eggs for you. The reservation period could last from 3 months and up to a few years. When you make a reservation of donor eggs, a reservation fee applies. See more under Prices and payment of donor eggs

      How many eggs should I reserve?

      To determine how many eggs you should reserve, take into consideration the following:

      • Your age and health condition – you might need more tries to conceive, if you are 35 years or older.
      • How many children do you dream of having?
      • Have you experienced any fertility complications? In that case, you might need to do multiple fertility treatments to conceive.

      In general, we recommend that you also discuss this with your fertility clinic.


      Your reservation at Cryos

      If you have made a reservation at Cryos, you can administrate it online on our website. Log into your Cryos account and go to the section ‘Reservations’. From there you can renew your reservation period, request delivery of the reserved donor eggs or terminate some or the entire reservation. Please note that it might take 2-3 business days to process your reservation and your ability to visualize it online.

      Renew your reservation
      If you need the donor eggs to be kept in storage for longer than the chosen reservation period, you can renew your reservation online. If your reservation period is about to expire, you will receive an email from Cryos well in advance.

      Delivery of reserved donor eggs
      When you need your reserved donor eggs, you can request delivery directly from your online Cryos account, or you can fill out a delivery statement and send it by email, letter or fax to Cryos along with a copy of photo identification e.g. passport or driving license. Once the delivery statement is received, the delivery can take place.

      Termination and refund
      When you make a reservation, you pay for the donor eggs and a reservation fee for having them stored at Cryos’ facility for a chosen period. You can see the reservation fees under Prices and payment.

      If you decide to terminate your reservation, Cryos offers to refund 75% of the original price of the donor eggs, as long as they are still stored at a Cryos location.

      Are you ready to make a reservation of donor eggs?

      If you have already found a donor and would like to make a reservation, you can proceed by finding the donor in our Egg Donor Search, select the number of eggs you want, and select “Reserve for later”.

      If you have any questions regarding donor egg reservations, please reach out to our Customer Care Team, who will be happy to answer your questions. They can guide you on how, when and whether donor reservation is relevant for you.