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    How to register a pregnancy at Cryos

    When you get pregnant by using a donor egg from Cryos, you must let us know. Here we explain how you report a pregnancy, and why we ask you to do so.

      Are you expecting a baby with a little help from one of our egg donors? Congratulations! That is our goal and the purpose of everything we do here at Cryos. We are very happy and proud every time we assist in bringing a child into the world.

      Due to national quotas setting limits for the use of a donor, you must let us know when you get pregnant with donor eggs from Cryos. We know you have a lot on your mind when you are expecting a baby, so we have made it easy for you to register your pregnancy online. Read on to learn more.

      Happy pregnant woman – remember to register your pregnancy with a Cryos donor

      What does it mean to report a pregnancy?

      In short, reporting a pregnancy means that you let Cryos know, that you are pregnant with help from one of our donors. By giving us the information about which donor and in which country you had your fertility treatment, you help us ensure that the donor is not used for more pregnancies than allowed in your country. Reporting your pregnancy is easy and can be done online in a few minutes.

      When and how to report a pregnancy with donor eggs? 

      When you become pregnant after using donor eggs from Cryos, the pregnancy must be reported to us. We recommend reporting the pregnancy after the first trimester.

      The one who ordered the donor eggs for fertility treatment from Cryos is responsible for registering the pregnancy at Cryos. If your fertility clinic placed the order at Cryos, it is their responsibility to report your pregnancy to us.

      If you have ordered donor eggs directly from Cryos (on our website or with help from our Customer Care Team) you must register your pregnancy yourself.

      You can do this online in four easy steps:

      • Step 1: Log in to your Cryos account.

      • Step 2: Visit the section ‘Pregnancies’.

      • Step 3: Click “Report pregnancy”.

      • Step 4: Select treatment country, donor, and year, and let us know if you already have children from other treatments using eggs from this donor. You can also add a remark before you submit the pregnancy registration.

      When your pregnancy is registered, you can see it in the overview in the ‘Pregnancies’-section.

      Why do I need to register my pregnancy? 

      Many countries have a maximum pregnancy quota per donor. This means that there is a limited number of pregnancies or families, that a particular donor may be used for in a certain country. The purpose of these quotas is to avoid the risk of consanguinity or inbreeding between children born with help from the same donor.

      At Cryos we follow these national quotas, and in some countries, you will need to purchase a Quota Reservation together with the donor eggs, as this is our way of ensuring that the limit of pregnancies achieved by the same donor is not exceeded.

      To help us make certain that the limit of pregnancies by a donor is not exceeded, we need you to let us know when you become pregnant with eggs donated by a Cryos egg donor. That is why we ask you to report your pregnancy to us.

      Are you considering more children with the same donor?

      If you need help or have any questions, our Customer Care Team is ready to help you. We would also be very happy to hear from you once your baby is born.

      If you would like siblings for your child, it might also be time for you to consider making a reservation of donor eggs for later use.