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Value-added tax (VAT) on products and services from Cryos

Cryos International – Cyprus Ltd. is a Cypriot company under EU legislation. This means that VAT will be added to certain products and services for both private and professional clients.

VAT on products and services in Cyprus

Cypriot VAT (19%) will be charged on all products and services delivered in Cyprus. 

This includes:

  • Reservation of eggs (VAT will be charged on the reservation fee as well as the reserved eggs) *
  • Egg storage, including related services and egg storage fee
  • Subscription for Adult Photos

*When you request delivery of your reserved eggs, the VAT will be credited, if you are requesting delivery in a country where VAT is not charged. In this case, the straw price including VAT will be credited, and you will receive a new invoice without VAT.

VAT on the purchase of eggs

The purchase of eggs that are scheduled for delivery within the following four weeks will in some countries have VAT added. This is, for example, the case in Cyprus and other European countries.

As a private client, you can furthermore be charged VAT on e.g. Quota Reservation and shipping. If you are a professional client with a valid VAT number (and the VAT number has been provided to Cryos), you will, in general, be exempted from VAT in relation to the purchase of straws.

You can see the actual VAT rate and price for your purchase in your order summary, which will appear in your basket after adding straws.