Give your patients the world’s largest and most varied selection of donors

Mother with baby after fertility treatment with Cryos donor eggs
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We choose Cryos as you have a large database of quality donors of most ethnicities which we know have been thoroughly screened. The website is user friendly and allows our clients to select their own donor with confidence. We have always found Cryos to have excellent customer service and has worked with us well to get all to us on time.

Nicole Smith
Cyprus IVF Team/Team Miracle, Patient Coordinator


Egg donor interview during Cryos screening process
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Working with Cryos guarantees safety and success. The donors are seriously tested and using them is safe and sure. The organization in Cryos is at a very high level and the staff is qualified, kind and helpful. It is always a pleasure to order straws from them.

Ob/Gyn Hospital Dr Shterev

A global and reliable business partner

Happy parent with children after Cryos donor eggs success
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Cryos Customer Care helping patients and reference clinics

Dedicated Sales & Customer Care – for you and your patients

Listening to and alleviating you and your patients’ concerns is an important part of our job. If you have any questions about donors, orders, shipments, reservations or other, we will be happy to help you. You are also more than welcome to encourage your patients to give us a call if they need help or guidance. We understand that native language is important to achieve precise and reassuring communication, which is why we offer our help in more than 10 different languages.

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