Cryos donor egg success rates

    At Cryos we take great pride in being a dependable and trustworthy partner for our reference clinics. Choosing Cryos should be a success for both you and your patients, and that is why we are so pleased to have a clinical pregnancy rate of 74% per transfer. Learn about our donor egg success rates here.

      The process of freezing and thawing eggs has radically improved over the past several years, assisting more men and women to become parents with help from an egg donor. Today, we see high pregnancy success rates using frozen donor eggs from Cryos with top performing fertility clinics.

      Successful pregnancy with Cryos donor egg – happy patient after clinical treatment

      Clinical pregnancy rate at Cryos

      Cryos has the highest number of registered pregnancies in the world, and our statistics show excellent success rates for frozen donor eggs. We have a clinical pregnancy rate of over 74% per transfer.

      Furthermore, Cryos beats the industry standards with a blastocyst rate of 47%. In fact, our percentage says that anyone purchasing six of our donor eggs will typically have results of one blastocyst or a pregnancy from embryos transferred on day 5. And to assure you that Cryos donor eggs will work for you and your patients, we offer you a donor egg guarantee, when ordering at least 6 eggs from one of our donors. 


      Cryos donor egg success rates – top performing clinics using high-quality donor eggs

      Our success can first and foremost be attributed to the people – the people who work at Cryos, our generous donors, the skilled staff at all our partnering clinics, and of course, all the people who have put their trust in us and who are now the proud parents of happy, healthy children. 

      Skilled professionals and standardised quality procedures

      The Cryos team constitutes of highly skilled professionals with a common vision to help people make their dream of having a child come true. We follow well-documented and standardised quality processes to ensure that all products and services provided by us conform to all relevant requirements and meet your needs and expectations. We are of course licensed and certified in accordance with the international standard for quality management ISO 9001:2015.

      We have full control of the entire process - from recruiting and screening to freezing and distribution - to make sure that everything in our egg programme follows the strictest quality standards. With this approach, we can achieve full consistency, which gives us the best quality eggs producing the highest chance of pregnancies.

      Well-trained reference clinics

      With more than 35 years of experience, we have a wide and global network of partnering clinics, who take great part in Cryos’ success. We work hard to deliver a high-quality product, but the final result depends on the fertility clinics using Cryos donor eggs in treatment. To optimize the chances of our common success, we will ensure proper training in the Cryos protocol for thawing frozen donor eggs, when we begin our partnership. We work closely together with our partnering clinics, and we are available to consult if needed.


      Would you like to take part in the success?

      Cryos is always welcoming new partnering clinics, who would like to use Cryos donor eggs for clinical treatment of their patients. Please contact us to learn more about how to become a Cryos reference clinic.