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    Why work with us?

    Are you considering choosing Cryos as a business partner? We have an extensive network of cooperating clinics, hospitals, and researchers worldwide, and together we work to help people make their dream of a child come true.

      At Cryos we work closely together with trusted partners, and we are always open for expanding our network with skilled professionals around the world. Here you can learn more about what Cryos has to offer you and your patients, and how to become a reference clinic.

      Happy mother with baby after treatment at clinic working with Cryos

      A trustworthy partner with proven track record

      Cryos is the world’s largest sperm and egg bank, and that title comes with great responsibility. We have more than 30 years of experience helping people on their path to parenthood, and we are proud to say that we have the highest number of registered pregnancies in the world.

      We take our responsibility very seriously, and we of course have the necessary licenses and are certified in accordance with the international standard for quality management ISO 9001:2015. In other words, you can trust us as a reliable business partner and the quality of our products. Learn more about Cryos or our donor egg success rates.

      By working with Cryos, you get:

      • Free access to the world’s largest and most varied selection of donors
      • Easy ordering and registration of pregnancies online
      • A global business partner committed to the highest quality standards from start to end – and yes, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified
      • A business partner with a Statement of Quality and Compliance, which is an addition to our Service Level Agreement confirming that we are compliant with all EU regulations
      • Reliable and fast delivery to your clinic

      Professional and personal guidance for you and your patients

      We want to make it as easy as possible for you to order high-quality donor eggs for treatment of your patients. We have a dedicated Clinic Account Team ready to help you with questions about donors, orders, guarantee, etc., and new partnering clinics will be offered training in the Cryos thawing protocol before we deliver the first order. You are also more than welcome to refer your patients to us, so we can answer any questions they might have.

      Become a Cryos reference clinic

      If you are looking to learn more about collaborating with Cryos and/or becoming a Cryos reference clinic, contact Cryos to learn more about your options and benefits.