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Donor eggs being shipped from Cryos

How do I return a nitrogen tank?

After receiving a delivery from Cryos, the nitrogen tank that is used during transportation, must be returned to Cryos. The tank must be returned as soon as possible, and no later than the day the durability of the tank has expired. The large nitrogen tank has a durability of 12 days including the shipping date from Cryos.

This means that the last day for pick up by the courier is the 13th day after the shipping date from Cryos. If day 13 after the shipping date is a weekend or holiday, please ship the nitrogen tank the following weekday.

To return the nitrogen tank, a pick-up must be scheduled with the courier service. This can be done in one of three ways:

  • Fill out this online form: “Cryos nitrogen tank return”
  • OR schedule the pick-up directly on the courier’s website
  • OR call the courier to schedule the pick-up.

Contact information on the courier is enclosed in the shipment.

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