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    How to become a Cryos Reference Clinic

    A Reference Clinic is a clinic that Cryos recommends to patients for their treatment with Cryos’ donor eggs. At Cryos, we are always looking to cooperate with the best and most professional clinics. Learn more about how your clinic can become a Reference Clinic below.

      Our aim is to help our patients get the best possible experience for their treatments with donor eggs. Therefore, we encourage them to have their treatment in one of our Reference Clinics.

      The Cryos International egg bank in Nicosia, Cyprus.

      What is a Cryos Reference Clinic?

      Cryos offers the opportunity for selected clinics to participate in our professional network as a Reference Clinic for our donor egg bank to access many benefits for both the clinic and its patients. These benefits include referring patients interested in using Cryos donor eggs to your clinic, assistance for your embryologists in becoming familiar with Cryos’ protocols and products, and the Cryos Donor Egg Guarantee for your patients.

      As a free service, Senior Embryologists from Cryos Reference Clinics will be trained in our thawing procedures and best use of Cryos donor eggs while also receiving ongoing support by the Cryos embryology team. Additionally, Reference Clinics can refer patients to Cryos as an option for frozen donor eggs, agree to following our warming protocols, and report warming, embryology, and pregnancy data. Lastly, all Reference Clinics are required to sign a Service Level Agreement.

      Benefits for Cryos Reference Clinics

      Being a Cryos Reference Clinic comes with a list of benefits:

      • Cryos refers patients to your clinic.
      • Cryos Donor Egg Guarantee when purchasing six or more eggs.
      • Eggs in inventory are immediately available.
      • Brochures and marketing materials provided for your clients.
      • Consultation with experts in complex cases.
      • Fewer unnecessary financial costs and liabilities.
      • Training and support in our protocols and warming methods.

      How to become a Cryos Reference Clinic

      If your clinic wishes to apply to become a Reference Clinic with Cryos, our Clinic Account Team will be happy to go over your options with you. Please contact our team, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to start the application process. Among other things, we will discuss the nature of the collaboration and whether the clinic and Cryos are a good match in terms of procedures and services.

      Cryos Clinic Account Consultant with headphones at desk.

      Criteria for Reference Clinics

      Because of the complexity of receiving, handling, and warming oocytes, it is crucial that we only work with clinics that maintain the highest success rates in their program. Some of the factors relevant for becoming a Reference Clinic are:

      • Experience and expertise in working with frozen donor eggs.
      • High success rates.
      • A Quality management system.
      • Good patient care service.
      • Training of the Senior Embryologist in Cryos´ thawing protocols.

      We want to collaborate with your clinic

      At Cryos, we are always looking for more professional clinics for a strong and close collaboration – your clinic could be the next Cryos Reference Clinic. Please do not hesitate to contact our Clinic Account Team if you have any questions or would like to learn more.