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    Reporting a patient’s pregnancy to Cryos

    When your patients become pregnant after treatment with donor eggs from Cryos, either you or your patient must let Cryos know. This can be done online in a few minutes. Learn how to report a patient’s pregnancy here.

      At Cryos we are proud to assist you in making your patients’ dreams come true. During the years, Cryos’ donors have helped giving life to more than 70.000 children, and we are very happy every time we learn about a new child being brought to life.

      It is very important that all pregnancies are registered to Cryos, as many countries have national quotas that set limits regarding how many pregnancies the same donor can be used for. Here we explain how to easily report your patients’ pregnancies to Cryos.

      A woman reporting pregnancy to clinic or Cryos

      Easy online registration of pregnancies

      You can easily report your patients’ pregnancies online by following these four steps:

      • Step 1: Log in to your clinic account. 

      • Step 2: Visit the section ‘Pregnancies’. 

      • Step 3: Click “Report pregnancy”. 

      • Step 4: Select the patient’s country of residence, donor, and year, and let us know if the patient already has children from other treatments using eggs from this donor. You can also add a remark before you submit the pregnancy registration. 

      When a pregnancy is registered, you can see it in the overview in the ‘Pregnancies’-section. 

      We recommend that you register pregnancies at least once a month.


      Did your patient order the donor eggs themselves?

      If your patient placed the order of donor eggs directly at Cryos, they must register their pregnancy from their own Cryos account. You can help them along by reminding them to report the pregnancy and send them a link to this guide explaining when and how to report a pregnancy.


      Why it is important to report pregnancies to Cryos

      In many countries there are national quotas that limit the number of pregnancies or families a donor can be used for. The purpose of these quotas is to avoid the risk of consanguinity or inbreeding between children born with help from the same donor.  

      In order for Cryos to ensure that these national limits are not exceeded, we need to know when treatment with a Cryos donor egg is successful and results in a pregnancy. In some countries, we also use a Quota Reservation system, which means that donor eggs can only be purchased together with a Quota Reservation – a pregnancy slot.


      Get personal guidance on pregnancy reports

      At Cryos we want to ease your work and help you focus on what really matters: helping your patients to achieve pregnancies. That is why we are here to help you, if you need personal assistance - just contact our Clinic Account Team who is ready to assist you.