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    Prices and payment options for clinics

    Here we provide you with an overview of the prices of donor eggs and services at Cryos. You can also see our different payment options for clinics.

      In the following, you can see our standard prices of frozen donor eggs and the costs of different services. The prices below are for professional clients with a valid VAT number. The prices are listed in EUR excl. VAT unless otherwise stated. You can learn more about VAT on products and services from Cryos here .

      If you have questions regarding our listed prices, we will be happy to answer – just contact our Clinic Account Team who can help you.

      Prices and costs of donor eggs

      At Cryos, you or your patients can buy the number of eggs, that you want. While most egg banks require you to buy a cohort of (between 6 and 8) donor eggs, we allow you to have more flexibility in your purchasing options, allowing you to buy quantities of 1, 2 or 3 frozen donor eggs per straw.

      In the following you can see the costs of donor eggs as well as services such as reservation, shipping, and access to Adult Photos.

      Cryos payment options for clinics

      When you order donor eggs from Cryos, you can pay online by credit card or via bank transfer. 

      The prices are subject to change without prior notice. Cryos is not held responsible for any misprints or omissions.

      If you have any questions regarding our prices or payment options, please contact our Clinic Account Team – we will be happy to help you.