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    Shipping and delivery of donor eggs to your clinic

    Have frozen donor eggs safely delivered from Cryos to your clinic. We ship frozen donor eggs to destinations all around the world. See our estimated delivery times, shipping methods and terms of delivery here.

      At Cryos we value a close collaboration with our partnering clinics, and we know that a smooth delivery process is an important part of ensuring your patients’ success when using donor eggs from Cryos.

      Here you can learn how we ensure safe delivery of donor eggs to your clinic, and how we assist you in being prepared when the donor eggs are delivered to your clinic.

      Please note that our shipping and delivery procedure is the same, no matter if the donor eggs are ordered by you or your patients.

      Safe delivery of donor eggs to clinic from Cryos

      Shipping date – how soon can the order leave Cryos?

      When you place an order at Cryos, we will ask you to choose a preferred shipping date before you finalize your order.

      Please note that we need 1-5 working days to process and ship your order after you have placed the order online. If your clinic has not received deliveries from Cryos before, it may take longer – see more about the onboarding of new partnering clinics below. We recommend that you always place your order as soon as possible.


      Expected delivery time of Cryos donor eggs

      Once the order has been shipped from Cryos, a professional courier company will deliver it directly to your clinic. The expected delivery time of donor eggs depends on whether the order should be delivered in or outside the EU:

      • European countries: 1-2 working days (Monday - Friday)
      • Rest of the world: 2-5 working days (Monday - Friday)

      Please be aware that there are no deliveries on weekends. To reduce transit time, we recommend shipping your order Monday to Wednesday.

      The times listed above apply under normal conditions. The delivery time may vary depending on the destination and other conditions. For some destinations outside the EU, customs procedures may delay the delivery. Please ensure that you hold the necessary import license to receive the order.

      We may charge an additional deposit for the nitrogen tank on deliveries outside Europe (mainly on deliveries to clinics and/or destinations that are “new” to Cryos). The deposit will be repaid to you when the tank has safely returned to Cryos. See our delivery prices under Prices and payment.

      New partnering clinics – first time delivery

      Before we can deliver donor eggs to new partnering clinics, training in the Cryos thawing protocol will be arranged. The aim of this training is to make sure that you are prepared when the delivery arrives, as proper handling of the donor eggs is vital in maintaining the high quality of the eggs. If you would like to become a Cryos reference clinic or learn more about collaborating with Cryos, please get in contact with our Clinic Account Team who can tell you more about the possibilities and benefits of collaborating with Cryos.


      Requesting delivery of donor egg reservations

      If you have made a reservation of donor eggs, you can easily request delivery of these online:

      1. Log in to your Cryos clinic account
      2. Go to your reservations
      3. Request delivery of some or all of the donor eggs

      Please request delivery of donor eggs well in advance and as soon as you know when you will need the delivery.

      Safe shipping of donor eggs to your clinic

      Your order will be shipped in a nitrogen tank that will keep the donor eggs frozen for up to 12 days. The tank ensures that the correct temperature is consistent, and an internal logging system monitors the tank 24/7 during transport. The nitrogen tank is placed inside a wooden transport box, which will be delivered by a courier company directly to your fertility clinic.

      The frozen donor eggs must either be stored in the nitrogen tank until use or, if possible, moved to another liquid nitrogen tank at your clinic. It is important that the transport tank is not opened before the eggs are about to be used or moved to another tank.

      Important: Make sure someone is present at the delivery

      When your order arrives, it is important that someone is present to sign for the delivery. Otherwise, the courier may take the package back to the warehouse and leave a note with further information concerning an alternative pick-up location or delivery time.



      What is included in the delivery?

      In addition to the purchased donor eggs, the transportation box includes the following documents:

      • Invoice (for deliveries outside the EU)
      • Packing list
      • Summary of records (SoR) containing test results and Standard release information about the donor
      • Safety warning for handling the nitrogen tank (LN2)
      • Instructions for return of the nitrogen tank
      • Shipping label for return of the nitrogen tank
      • Handling instructions
      • Oocyte Warming and Embryology Record (OWER)
      • Single European Code (SEC)


      Cryos nitrogen tank ready for delivery to clinic

      Returning the nitrogen tank after use

      At Cryos we have a limited number of nitrogen tanks, as we re-use the ones we have. This means that you must return the tank once the content has been removed. Since other clients are eagerly awaiting their shipment, we kindly ask you to please make sure to return the tank as soon as possible.

      How to return the nitrogen tank
      When we ship a nitrogen tank, we will include instructions on how to return it to Cryos. Please follow these instructions. We also include a preprinted return label. When using this return label, the return shipping is prepaid (charges are included in the shipping price).

      To return the nitrogen tank, a pick-up must be scheduled with the courier service. This can be done in one of three ways:

      • Fill out this online form: “Cryos nitrogen tank return
      • OR schedule the pick-up directly on the courier’s website
      • OR call the courier to schedule the pick-up.

      Contact information on the courier is enclosed in the shipment.

      Please use one of the above-mentioned procedures for returning the nitrogen tank. If you choose an alternative shipping option, it may result in loss of the tank and a potential claim of EUR 1000.

      Deadline of tank return
      The tank must be returned to Cryos as soon as possible, and no later than the day the durability of the tank has expired. The large nitrogen tank has a durability of 12 days including the shipping date from Cryos. This means that the last day for pick up by the courier is the 13th day after the shipping date from Cryos. If day 13 after the shipping date is a weekend or holiday, please ship the nitrogen tank the following weekday.

      If the tank is not returned in due time, Cryos will charge EUR 100 (excl. VAT) for tank rental per commenced week, cf. our Terms of Agreement.

      For shipments outside the EU, a pro forma invoice for the return will be included, as this is required by the customs authorities.

      Terms of Delivery

      Cryos offers DAP (Delivered At Place) in accordance with Incoterms 2010. This means door-to-door delivery.

      • If the delivery is made outside the EU some local customs formalities may occur that we cannot take responsibility for. This is for example customs clearance, import clearance, customs duty, the VAT amount, tax etc. it is your own responsibility to examine this and we recommend you to carefully read our Terms of Agreement.
      • There are no customs formalities for shipments within the EU.