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Man reading about how to become a sperm donor at Cryos
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I am sperm donor because I am a father myself, and I want to help the people who cannot have children without help. Being a father is the most important thing in my life. Therefore, I know how important it is to be able to have children.

Koroush (alias)


A couple who has had help from a sperm donor to have their daughter
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Other services offered by Cryos

Cryos nurse and sperm donor

Get your sperm tested or stored for later use

Besides our donor programme, Cryos offers a few other services to you. If you would simply like to know your sperm quality, you can book a sperm analysis at Cryos. We also offer to freeze and store your own sperm for later use - this might be relevant if you are facing medical treatment and want to preserve the possibility to have children later on.

I think what made me want to be a donor was that I am also a blood and organ donor. I feel that if I can help, I should help. (…) When you first have started as a donor at Cryos, it is actually really easy. You can easily fit it into your normal life.

Andreas (alias)
Cryos Sperm Donor
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