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    Sperm donor application

    To become a sperm donor, you must send in an application for the department where you wish to become a donor. Please note that you must live in Denmark while being a donor at Cryos. We have departments in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Odense and Aalborg.

    What does it look like at Cryos?

    You have probably thought about how a sperm bank looks like from the inside. Before you visit us for the first time, you can watch this video and follow a sperm donor to Cryos’ department in Aarhus:

    You have sent an application to become a sperm donor – what’s next?

    When you have sent an application the next step is to visit one of our departments to make an initial sperm sample (we will contact you about an appointment). We will analyse the sample to check if your sperm quality is good enough to become a sperm donor. After this, you should visit us for an examination performed by one of Cryos’ health professionals, where you must make blood and urine samples. If everything looks good, you can be approved as a sperm donor. You can read more about the process to become a donor in this guide.