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    How to become a sperm donor

    In this guide, you can learn how to become a sperm donor step by step – from sending your application to Cryos to being approved as a sperm donor.

    Before you can begin to donate as a sperm donor at Cryos, you must go through a few steps. This way, we ensure that you are healthy and well enough to become a sperm donor.

    Fill out the application form

    1. Fill out the application form

    Before you visit one of our departments you must fill out an application form and book a time for a preliminary sperm sample. You can find the application form here.

    Preliminary sperm samples

    2. Preliminary sperm samples

    Once you have submitted your application and booked a time, you must visit one of our departments to provide a preliminary sperm sample. We will analyse the sample to see, if your sperm quality is good enough to become a sperm donor, and we will contact you with the results of the analysis. We may ask you to visit us to provide 1-2 additional sperm samples for us to analyse.

    To ensure good sperm quality, you should not have ejaculated in the last 2–3 days prior to making a sperm sample at Cryos.

    Clinical examination

    3. Clinical examination

    If your sperm quality is good enough to become a donor, you will be requested to complete an online questionnaire about your health. A health professional will review your responses. Then, we will then agree on a time for you to undergo a clinical examination at Cryos where, among other things, urine and blood samples will be taken.

    Please remember to bring valid picture ID.


    4. Approval

    The health professional will carry out a preliminary approval and you can begin to donate. Once the results of the urine and blood tests have been received, you will receive a final approval.

    You will receive up to DKK 500 for every approved donation as compensation.

    Any questions about the process?

    If you have any questions regarding the process to become a sperm donor at Cryos, you are welcome to contact one of our departments.