Requirements to become a sperm donor

    To become a sperm donor, you must above all have good sperm quality. But there are other requirements, which you must meet if you are to become a sperm donor.

    You cannot become a sperm donor if...

    • you have haemophilia or a coagulation disease
    • you have provided sex to others for money or drugs
    • you have venereal warts or condylomata
    • you inject medicines for non-medical reasons
    • you or your family have a serious inherited disorder
    • you have been a sperm donor at another sperm bank
    • you have had sex with another man
    • you yourself are a donor child
    • you are adopted

    You can apply but you must wait six months before starting if...

    • you were tattooed or pierced
    • you had sex with a person who is presumed to have an HIV infection or a hepatitis B or hepatitis C infection (contagious hepatitis)

    The above are the most significant criteria. For a complete list, click here: Danish Health Authority Guideline no. 9356 section 3.1.2.

    You can read about how to improve your sperm quality here.

    If you have any questions, please contact Cryos

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