Non-ID Release or ID Release sperm donor

    If you want to become a sperm donor, you must choose between being a Non-ID Release or ID Release sperm donor. Here you can learn about the difference.

    When you get approved to become a sperm donor, you must make the decision to become either a Non-ID Release or an ID Release donor. When you have made your choice, it is not possible to change your decision at a later stage. Therefore, we recommend you to take your time to consider what is right for you.


    Nurse talking to a Cryos donor about being a Non-ID Release or ID Release donor

    Being a Non-ID Release sperm donor

    If you choose to be a Non-ID Release sperm donor, nobody can demand Cryos to pass on identifying information about you. No one will ever be able to demand that Cryos releases your identity – neither parents, children, relatives, nor anybody else can get access to your identity through Cryos. Likewise, you agree not to attempt to contact potential donor children. 

    However, sperm contains DNA and therefore, there will always be a chance that donors, recipients and children can be found via DNA analysis, which means the protection of personal data cannot be guaranteed. Cryos will never disclose identifying information about you to donor children or their parents.

    If you are considering whether to be an ID Release or Non-ID Release donor,you can read about donor anonymity and future contact for more information.

    Being an ID Release sperm donor

    As an ID Release sperm donor, the donor child or children will be able to contact Cryos to receive identifying information about you when turning 18 years of age. This way, the children will have the opportunity to know more about their biological origins, which can feel comforting to some. It is of course up to you, which kind of contact you wish to engage in.

    If you are under age 25 and you wish to become an ID Release sperm donor, one of our health care professionals will talk to you during the approval process to make sure that you have considered your choice and understand the implications.

    In this video, you can learn more about the decisions you must make as a sperm donor at Cryos including the choice between being a Non-ID Release or an ID Release donor:

    You are protected against paternity

    Regardless of your choice between being a Non-ID Release or ID Release sperm donor, you are protected against paternity. This means that you will never be considered the legal father of the donor children, who are born with the help of your donations. This is stated in the Danish Child Act.

    Are you still considering your choice?

    We know that the decision may demand some consideration and therefore, we are of course available if would like to discuss your choice with us. You are always welcome to contact us or talk to us in one of our departments in Aarhus, Aalborg, Copenhagen or Odense.