How to have top-quality sperm

    Every fourth man in Denmark has reduced sperm quality and sperm quality is falling among men in general. One of the major problems today is our unhealthy lifestyles, which have a negative effect on sperm quality. Luckily, in many cases the problem can be rectified.

    In the following text, we will provide a number of tips that will help you to personally improve your sperm quality.

    Eat healthily

    You are what you eat, is a popular saying. Healthy eating also affects spermatozoa. Men who have a healthy and varied diet, for example, a diet containing fruit and vegetables and thus antioxidants, generally have better sperm quality compared to men who eat unhealthily and who eat a lot of fatty food. If you want to improve your sperm quality, you can, therefore, benefit by no longer eating burgers and fries and by eating lots of fresh vegetables with your meals.

    Quit smoking  – and drugs that are worse

    Studies show that smoking is bad for sperm quality. In particular, if you are a heavy smoker, your sperm quality can be significantly reduced. In addition to cigarettes, cannabis is another substance that has a large negative effect. If you are a sperm donor, it means you cannot smoke cannabis. If you smoke and choose to stop, there is a very strong likelihood that your sperm quality will improve markedly. 


    A man approaching a donation room to know if his sperm quality is good

    Drink less

    Large amounts of alcohol damage spermatozoa, so if you want to improve your sperm quality, refraining from drinking alcohol will be beneficial. How much alcohol is too much is difficult to judge – but as a minimum, you should follow the Danish Health Authority Guidelines on the consumption of alcohol, which for men is a maximum of 14 units of alcohol a week and a maximum of 5 units of alcohol in one evening.

    Exercise but do not over-exercise 

    Ideally, you should exercise at a fitness centre – but do not over-exercise. In actual fact, too much exercise or too little exercise has a negative effect on sperm quality. A moderate amount of exercise is good for sperm quality; men who exercise regularly have been shown to have better sperm quality than men who do not exercise. On the other hand, exercising obsessively can have the opposite effect on sperm quality. 

    Avoid heat 

    Spermatozoa are highly sensitive to heat. Their temperature must be lower than the rest of the body – this is why testicles are located outside a man’s body. If you want to improve your sperm quality, avoiding any kind of heat stress can be beneficial. For example, avoid using hot tubs, solariums, saunas and avoid wearing tight underwear. 

    Even though you change your lifestyle, you must prepare to be patient. It can take up to three months for your lifestyle to have an impact on your sperm quality. This is the time it takes for the body to completely replace spermatozoa with new spermatozoa. 

    If you are curious about the quality of your sperm, you can carry out a sperm analysis. You can also apply to become a sperm donor – and we will check the quality of your sperm for you. 

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