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Can I be a sperm donor for a friend?

Yes, you can donate sperm to help your friend(s) fulfil their dream of a child. If you consider donating sperm to a friend, we recommend you use a licensed sperm bank, like Cryos, to ensure a safe process. When using a licensed sperm bank, legal agreements and consent forms are made to protect all parties involved and ensure that the intended parent(s) have parental rights. If you want to read more about donating sperm to a friend, then follow the link to our page about Known Donors.

How to donate sperm to a friend?

If you want to donate sperm to a friend through a licensed sperm bank, you and your friend must find a fertility clinic that can perform fertility treatment with your sperm. During the process, you must undergo a thorough screening to test your sperm quality and ensure that no infectious diseases are transferred to the woman or child. After your sperm donation, the sperm will be analysed and then frozen and stored in the sperm bank until the treatment can start (up to 6 months).