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3 things you need to know as a sperm donor before leaving on summer vacation

Summer vacation: 3 things worth knowing as a sperm donor

No matter if you are traveling or enjoying the summer at home, there are a few things you need to be aware of when you are a sperm donor. 

Read on and find out if your summer plans have an impact on you as a sperm donor.  

If you are considering sending us an application to become a sperm donor during the summer, then the following will also be relevant knowledge to you.

1. Are you taking a break?

Of course, you can travel on vacation as you please, even if you are a sperm donor. But if you plan to leave for several weeks or months, we would love to know that. Then we do not expect you to visit us during that period. 

2. Will you to be quarantined?

If you travel to certain destinations, you will be quarantined from donating for a period. At Cryos, we follow the same recommendations as for blood donors, and on this page you can enter your travel destination and see if it triggers quarantine. If you need to be vaccinated against yellow fever before your trip, then that particular vaccine will also give you quarantine in relation to donating sperm. 

3. Did you know that heat affects sperm quality?

Whether you are travelling or enjoying the summer at home, a summer with hot weather can result in your sperm quality dropping a bit. Especially if you also wear tight pants, go on a cycling holiday, or sit with the computer in your lap and study for exams. Sperm cells do not like heat. However, the quality will find its normal level again after a few months. Read more about what you can do to improve your sperm quality here. 

If you have questions about travel, quarantine, sperm quality or anything related, please let us know. Some departments will have slightly changed opening hours or be closed for a couple of weeks, but a part from that you can still get answers to your questions or visit us during the summer. You can always find Cryos' current opening hours here.  

Have a nice summer!