Become a sperm donorNewsGet DKK 200 per month for your favourite type of workout

Get DKK 200 per month for your favourite type of workout

Sperm donor at Cryos gets free training

As an active sperm donor at Cryos, you can from now on receive a monthly subsidy of DKK 200 to help pay for your preferred type of exercise. Read why and how it works here.

A healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on your sperm quality. Several studies show that men who exercise regularly have a better sperm quality than men who do not exercise. That is why it is important for us to support our donors in having an active everyday life.

Choose the type of exercise you prefer

Some prefer fitness, while others are into football. Or maybe you just need a new pair of running shoes. No matter which training activity you prefer, we would like to provide a subsidy to help pay for it.

That is how it works

In order to receive the subsidy, you must be an active donor and donate min. 4 times a month. At the end of each month the DKK 200 will be paid out.

You can also read more about your compensation as a sperm donor here.