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Look forward to receiving small gifts

Cryos sperm donors receive small gifts as a symbol of gratitude

Every single donation our donors make means a big difference to others. From now on, as a little extra symbol of our gratitude, you can look forward to receiving small surprises at selected times while being a Cryos sperm donor. 

The gifts are handed out at the reception desk when you hand in your first sperm sample/donation, and they are triggered at the following points in time: 

  • After your 1st sperm sample 
  • After your 1st donation 
  • After your 5th donation 
  • After your 10th donation 
  • After your 20th donation 
  • After your 50th donation

Remember that you can donate 1-2 times a week, and possibly more if your sperm quality allows it.

Our staff can see on their screen when it is time for your next gift. If you would like to know when you can expect the next gift, feel free to ask us.

You are always welcome to say no thank you if you are not interested in receiving the gift. However, you can also choose to pass it on to someone else, who you think deserves a little surprise. 

Get two cinema tickets

Remember that you can also still get two cinema tickets if you refer a friend to become a sperm donor at Cryos.

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