Try virtual reality in the donor cabin

Try virtual reality in the donor cabin

As the first sperm bank in Denmark, Cryos now offers a completely new donation experience for you as a sperm donor: the opportunity to try virtual reality in our donor cabins.

At Cryos, we are constantly working to make the experience for you as a donor as good and comfortable as possible. As something new, we therefore now offer our sperm donors to make use of a virtual reality headset with erotic material in the donor cabin. See more in the video below. 

Our VR headsets are hands-free, and you navigate around the menu using your gaze. In the menu you can find a wide selection of erotic movies made for virtual reality. We change the films regularly, so there is always exciting material to experience in 3D.
We have VR headsets in our departments in Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and Copenhagen. Ask at the reception if you would like to bring a VR headset into the cabin. Of course, the headsets are charged and thoroughly cleaned between use.
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