Become a sperm donorNewsWho will you meet as a sperm donor at Cryos?
Becoming a sperm donor

Who will you meet as a sperm donor at Cryos?

Employees you may meet at Cryos

Here you can read about three of the employees that you may meet when you visit one of our four departments. 

At Cryos, we have a team ready to help you through the process of becoming a sperm donor and to make sure that you have a good experience at Cryos. 

Laboratory manager at Cryos 

Bjørn, Laboratory Department Manager

When you show up at Cryos for the first time, you might be met by Bjørn, who is the laboratory manager in one of our departments. Bjørn or one of his colleagues will register your arrival and show you the donor cabins. When you have your first sperm sample ready, you must hand it over to Bjørn or another laboratory employee. Who will then make sure that it is analyzed in our laboratory. 

Donor coordinator and nurse at Cryos 

Tine, Donor Coordinator and Nurse 

As a donor applicant, you will meet one of our donor coordinators on your next visit. It could be Tine who is a trained nurse. She can answer the questions you may have about being a donor and she will perform a clinical examination.

Once you have been approved as a sperm donor, you will be tested for infectious diseases every 3 months as long as you donate your sperm. When you come in for the tests, you will also be met by either a donor coordinator or a laboratory employee.

Psychologist at Cryos 

Bettina, Psychologist

After the clinical exam, the next person you will meet at Cryos will most likely be our Psychologist, Bettina. She will perform a so-called psychosocial interview. This is a conversation where she will ask you about your motivation to become a sperm donor, ethical considerations, family history and background. This is also a part of the approval process to become a sperm donor at Cryos.

If you want to know more about how to become a sperm donor, read our guide here or contact us with your questions. If you consider applying as a sperm donor, follow the button below or read more about the compensation sperm donors receive when they donate here.

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