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    What our sperm donors say

    Are you considering becoming a sperm donor? Here you can meet two of our donors and learn why they have decided to donate their sperm.

      As a donor, you will give life to the dream of a child for singles and couples who need help to become parents. Donating your sperm is a great way of helping other people, and there is no doubt that your help will be much appreciated.

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      Becoming a sperm donor is a choice that requires some consideration. At Cryos we will of course inform you about what might be important to consider before becoming a sperm donor. But listening to others share their experiences might be a help for you too.

      We have interviewed two of our sperm donors about their thoughts and considerations regarding their decision to become a sperm donor. Please note that instead of their real names, we have used aliases to protect their identity.

      Click below to read and watch the interviews. A big thank you to Koroush and Andreas for sharing their stories.