Sperm donor Jacob

    “I want a meaningful student job.”

    Why are you a sperm donor?

    I chose to become a sperm donor because I like the idea that I can help some people to achieve their dream. And I believe it’s a brilliant and beautiful thought, to think that I can provide the basis for a new life. Naturally, there’s a financial aspect to it, and as a student, it’s nice to get a little extra with my student grant allowance.”

    What is it like being a sperm donor at Cryos?

    “The first time I came here, it was, of course, a bit special. But now it’s completely normal for me. There’s a nice atmosphere and when you’re here it’s very discreet.”

    What are the benefits you get from being a sperm donor?

    “One benefit is that I have a blood test once a month, so I make sure that my health is strong. Of course, some people can be a little nervous about having a blood test, but it isn’t a problem for me.”

    What considerations did you make with regard to anonymity?

    “At Cryos you have two options. You can be an anonymous or a non-anonymous donor (ed.: Non-ID Release or ID Release). The right choice for me was to be a non-anonymous donor because I really want to give the child the opportunity to decide if he or she wants to know more about their biological origins.”

    What thoughts do you have about the donor children who are born?

    “I understand of course some of the concerns you can have when bringing children into the world. But the way I see it, children are part of the families and environments that they grow up in. We have shown that we certainly can foster children and give them a really good life, even though they are not genetically related to their parents, and from that perspective, it’s easy to be a donor.”