Sperm donor Koroush

    Being a father himself, he understands how great it is to become a parent. Koroush is a sperm donor at Cryos and here he talks about his motivation.

      Koroush has chosen to donate his sperm at Cryos. Here you can learn more about his motivation for being a sperm donor (English subtitles available in video below).

      “I am sperm donor because I am a father myself, and I want to help the people who cannot have children without help. Being a father is the most important thing in my life. Therefore, I know how important it is to be able to have children. That is a big factor for me.

      My motivation for being a sperm donor is to help other people. It gives me joy.

      I know how much being a father means to me. And I know that many people cannot have children without help.

      The advantage of being a sperm donor is that you help other people. But there are also two other factors. You get compensated, which is nice, but you also get a thorough health examination, so you know that you do not have any health problems.

      When it comes to the children I have helped bring into the world, I think about what they become and how their lives will be. It is just thoughts that go through my mind.”

      Please note: Koroush is not the real name of the donor. Koroush is an alias to protect the identity of the donor.